What to write on name labels?

What to write on name labels?

When ordering name labels from Label Yourself, you can decide what you want to write on the name labels yourself. To get the most out of the name labels, we recommend that you write:

  • The child’s first name
  • Optionally the last name or initial. However, avoid writing all middle names and last names if the child has a long name. The text can become very small and difficult to read in that case.
  • Phone number of a parent or other caregiver. This is especially important if the child has their belongings in places where others may not know you, e.g. amusement parks or buses.

Based on experience, it can be beneficial to minimize the amount of information to keep it as simple as possible.

You can also write the department name, class, student number, or other relevant information if applicable.

For younger children, we also recommend choosing a character or design that the child recognizes (and likes), so it’s easy for the child to find their own things.

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