Durable, sturdy, and waterproof name labels

At home, we regularly bring home coveralls and clothes in a bag from daycare. It’s so dirty that sometimes I think the child has bathed in a mud pool. Other times, the clothes are covered in stains from a meal of tomato soup or curry sauce. It requires a good round in the washing machine to remove the stains. With detergent, stain remover, and a 60-degree wash, the clothes become clean. Fortunately, the name labels from Label Yourself can also withstand being washed at high temperatures – and I often put clothes with name labels in the dryer, and they handle it without any issues.

At Label Yourself, we recommend avoiding sticking the name labels directly onto the fabric. When the name label is attached to the fabric, it can fall off because the fabric is an elastic material that stretches easily. Therefore, when the fibers in the garment stretch, the name label will have a harder time sticking and can easily fall off. Instead, we recommend attaching the name labels to a care label, clothing label, or other woven labels sewn onto the garment.

Iron-on name labels for clothing

If you have clothes without a brand or care label, you can choose to use iron-on labels as name labels. The iron-on labels are very durable and extremely sturdy, and once they are attached to the clothes, they are almost impossible to remove. When you order iron-on labels from Label Yourself, we always include instructions. You also receive some pieces of baking paper that you should place between the iron-on label and the iron.

Iron-on labels are particularly suitable for socks and underwear. Attach the iron-on labels so that they follow any ribs and cross the ribs as little as possible. You can see in the image below how iron-on labels can be attached to different types of socks.

Name labels also withstand the dishwasher

We also like to use the name labels on lunch boxes and water bottles. Fortunately, the name labels also withstand being washed in the dishwasher every day for many years.

In the video below, you can see what the name labels look like after daily use for several years. Of course, they have become a bit worn around the edges, but considering how often they have been washed, handled, and used, I think it’s actually quite impressive. If you want a label that is even more durable, you can choose our stick-on labels that are laminated with vinyl. The stick-on labels handle being washed in the dishwasher just fine, but they cannot be washed in the washing machine and are too stiff to be suitable for clothes.

Name labels and sunscreen

The only challenge I have had with the name label is when it comes into contact with sunscreen. I often just apply a bit of sunscreen on the back of the neck when the children go outside in the summer, and sunscreen combined with the name label on the back of the clothes causes the print to wear off. Fortunately, I know that the name labels from Label Yourself are printed with eco-solvent ink, so it’s not harmful for my children that the ink smudges. One trick to prevent the print from smudging is to place the name labels in the care label.

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