Know the difference in your clothes – even if you are color-blind

Recently, we received a great tip from a customer here at Ikast Etiket who is color-blind. At least not in the same way as the rest of us see colors. Despite her (lack of) color vision, she still wanted to wear colored clothing – and be well-dressed. To make it easier for herself to match her clothes in different colors, she had ordered iron-on labels where she had written the colors on. She had a good friend help her with the process of labeling the clothes. This way, she was sure that the starting point was correct. With this simple tip, she is now able to distinguish her clothes and match them, just like many others would match their clothes.

As an alternative to iron-on labels, you can also use Name Labels, which do not need to be ironed into the clothes but can be stuck directly onto a washing instruction or label.

What does it mean to be color-blind?

To be color-blind means having difficulty distinguishing certain colors from each other. The most common form of color blindness makes it difficult to differentiate between red and green. Color blindness is often hereditary and more prevalent in males than in females.

For a color-blind person, daily tasks such as choosing clothes can be challenging. It can be difficult to figure out which colors look good together, and there is a risk of wearing clothes that don’t match. However, many color-blind individuals develop methods to cope. For example, they can arrange their wardrobe in a specific way, knowing that certain colors go well together.

A useful method for color-blind people is labeling their clothes. This can be done with iron-on labels where the color of the clothing is written on them. This way, they can quickly identify the color of a piece of clothing and ensure that it matches the rest of the wardrobe. These labels can be a great help in everyday life and make it easier to choose clothes that look good together. By marking the clothes with a clear indication of the color, there is no reason to stick only to neutral colors like black, white, gray, and blue.

There are also aids and apps available that can help color-blind individuals identify colors. Some apps use the camera on a smartphone to determine the color of a specific piece of clothing. This way, color-blind people can ensure that their clothing choices look good.

Being color-blind does not have to be a major obstacle in everyday life. With some planning, labeling of clothes, and the right tools, color-blind individuals can choose clothes that look nice and live a normal and colorful life.

Even if you or your loved one is not color-blind, there may be other reasons to label clothes in a way that makes dressing easier. For example, you can label clothes based on how they should be used, such as “formal wear,” “garden work,” “workwear,” or something entirely different. You can use symbols instead of text if you need to label clothes for individuals who cannot read but need a little help to make everyday life easier.

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