What does printing on clothing cost?

It is a common misconception that printing on clothing is expensive. But it doesn’t have to be! At Ikast Etiket, you can design your own print that you can easily apply to your clothing yourself. All you need is a regular iron.

When you order iron-on labels without background from Ikast Etiket, prices start from 6.53 GBP. For example, a sheet measuring 150x150mm costs 9.23 GBP. However, if you buy 5 sheets, it costs 25.76 GBP, which is around 5.11 GBP per sheet.

How to design your own print for clothing

On the page https://www.labelyourself.co.uk/iron-on-labels-without-background, you can design or upload what you want to have printed on your clothing. It can be text, a logo, or another graphic.

Start by filling in the “Width” and “Height” fields, and remember that it is the size of the sheet you are defining, not the size of each individual iron-on label. Therefore, you can easily have multiple prints on the same sheet. When you receive the iron-on labels, simply cut around each individual label. Then they are ready to be ironed onto the clothing.

Here you can see an example of an iron-on label without background that a customer has shared with us. It creates a really cool effect that the figure on the skateboard is cut out, so you can “see through” the fabric.

In the images, you can see the same logo in two different sizes. The large logo is placed on the back of the sweatshirt, while the small logo is applied to the chest.

Why have prints on clothing?

There are many different reasons to have prints on clothing. The print can serve both a decorative purpose and as advertising.

Customer reassurance: Store staff often have clothing with prints when they are at work. It provides clear reassurance to customers to be able to see who is employed and can help in the store. The same applies to craftsmen who almost always have their company logo on their workwear. It provides reassurance and certainty for customers when craftsmen visit private homes, as the craftsmen clearly show where they come from.

Advertising: Prints on clothing also function as advertising. If potential customers can clearly see which company you are from, it is much easier for them to find you when you have a name or logo on your clothing.

Economic benefits: As a company, it is possible to deduct workwear from taxes when the clothing is clearly marked with the company’s name or logo.

Solidarity: In sports associations, it is also common to have prints on team clothing. It creates a sense of belonging when the whole team has matching shirts with prints.

Benefits of ordering prints for clothing from Ikast Etiket?

  • You only order the number of prints you need. We have no minimum quantity requirement.
  • You can completely design your own print and define the size of the print.
  • We have no restrictions on the colors of the print.
  • With us, there is no requirement to buy clothing to have it printed. It is entirely up to you which clothing or textiles you apply the print to.
  • It is easy to reorder a print you have previously purchased from Ikast Etiket. You can log in with your email address and password and find your previous orders.
  • You can apply the print to clothing yourself using a regular iron.

If you have any questions or are unsure about anything, you are always welcome to contact us before placing an order. You can call us at 020 3455 8270 or send an email to  info@labelyourself.co.uk.

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