How do you iron text onto clothing?

If you want to have text, logos, images, or other graphics on clothing, it is easy to design your own “Iron-on transfers without background” (also called transfer stickers) at Ikast Etiket.

  1. Design your iron-on transfers at Ikast Etiket here: https://www.labelyourself.co.uk/iron-on-labels-without-background. Just above the configurator or designer, enter the width and height. These numbers indicate the size of the sheet on which we print your iron-on transfers – not the size of each individual transfer. This means that you can have multiple transfers on one sheet. At the bottom of the configurator, you can see the size of each individual element when it is selected. If you have multiple transfers on the same sheet, you will need to cut out the transfers yourself before ironing them onto clothing.
  2. In the “configurator” on the page, you can write your own text, choose a shape, or upload your own logo or graphic. Adjust the size and position on the sheet as desired and add additional elements or duplicate logos or text if desired.
  3. Now you just have to be patient for a few days. While you wait, we work hard to produce your iron-on transfers. When they are ready, we pack them and send them using DAO, PostNord, or GLS according to your preference.
  4. Now you can iron the transfers onto your textiles. Place the fabric on a flat and preferably hard surface (that can withstand heat). Set the iron to 2-3 dots and let it heat up. It is better to use a longer time and lower heat than too high heat.
  5. Place the iron-on transfer where you want it and place a piece of baking paper on top. Make sure to place the transfer with the film facing upward toward yourself.
  6. Press the iron onto the fabric for 20-25 seconds, then allow the transfer and fabric to COMPLETELY COOL DOWN. Now you can gently remove the film. Remember to iron the entire area. If you have a large transfer, you will need to use more time.
  7. Place a piece of baking paper on top of the iron-on transfer and iron again for 5 seconds.

Here you can see a simplified illustration of the process, from when you receive the iron-on transfer to when it is ironed onto the clothing.

Design multiple iron-on transfers on the same sheet

Here you can see an illustration of what a sheet of iron-on transfers without background could look like. The sheet measures 10cm (100mm) in width and 8.5cm (85mm) in height. It is easy to cut the sheet into smaller pieces.

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