Bracelets for the graduation party 2024

When the hat is on and the final exam is over, it’s time to party! With paper bracelets, it’s easy to keep track of the guests who are invited to celebrate the graduate. If the guests are wearing bracelets, it’s easy to spot any uninvited guests.

Paper bracelets are brilliant for access control, both for private graduation parties, high school proms, and at clubs and bars where there are special parties only for graduates.

At Ikast Etiket, we print paper bracelets from day to day. If you order before 2pm on weekdays, we always send the same day. On the page: you can design your own paper bracelets. Here you can upload a logo, drawing, or other graphics.

If you are going to have multiple parties on different days, you can choose “Mixed colors.” Just write in the comment box how many of each color you would like to order.

Bracelets for the graduation tour

To help your parents on the graduation tour, you can create bracelets specifically for your class. This way, parents on the graduation tour can always see that the guests who have arrived are part of the party. If the graduation tour is 1-2 days, you can easily use paper bracelets. But if your graduation tour lasts for several days, we recommend getting some beautiful festival bracelets.

Use paper bracelets to keep track of drinks

Although we call the bracelets “Paper Bracelets”, they are not made of paper, but of Tyvek. Tyvek is a very durable material, so the bracelets won’t break if they get wet, for example. But because the material resembles paper, you can also write on the Tyvek bracelets. You can take advantage of this and create space to write names or class on the bracelets. You can also create check boxes. With check boxes, you can keep track of how many free drinks/items each individual has received. Use an “O” as a check box or insert squares yourself when designing your bracelets.

In clubs and bars, this solution is used to offer advantageous deals to the graduates who prepay for their drinks. Several high schools also choose this solution for their own parties.

What color is the graduate?

There are now many different colors of graduation caps. This can sometimes make it a bit difficult to distinguish between the many colors. If you need to order bracelets for a graduation party, you can get help choosing the right color paper bracelets below.

  • STX: Bordeaux
  • HHX: Royal Blue
  • HTX: Navy Blue
  • HF: Light Blue
  • EUD: Purple
  • EUX: Gray
  • STU: Striped
  • Hairdresser: Pink
  • PAU: Orange
  • Social and healthcare studies assistant: Light Purple
  • Social and healthcare studies helper: Dark Purple
  • Nutritionist: Yellow
  • Agricultural worker: Brown/Green
  • Gardener: Green
  • Bricklayer: Beige
  • Kindergarten teacher: Purple

At Ikast Etiket, we always have a wide range of colors in stock, and you can certainly find a color that matches the graduation cap. But if you need a special color, you can order your bracelets with full-color printing. Here, we print your bracelets in exactly the color you want. However, if you want full-color bracelets, you need to order in advance. It takes 5-10 days to print full-color bracelets, unlike our paper bracelets with black printing, which we can print from day to day. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone 020 3455 8270 or

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