Custom lanyards

Lanyards, key straps, or neck straps. They go by many names. No matter what you call them, they probably won’t come when you call. But one thing is for sure. Lanyards are a very popular product among our customers.

The lanyard is not what it used to be. A boring promotional product that was supposed to keep your keys safe while you were at work. Today, many businesses choose to create customized lanyards that are much more fashionable, unique, and exclusive. Lanyards that people actually WANT to show off – and even pay for. Whether you give customized lanyards as gifts to employees or as promotional items to customers, it’s good to remember that the more stylish the lanyard is, the more likely the employee will use YOUR lanyard every day.

Many companies use lanyards, from small niche stores to global organizations. They are used both as keychains for access cards and keys, and as promotional products. You can choose from many different qualities, such as a classic neck strap, a bold Straplan, a durable leather lanyard, or a trendy (and sustainable!) cork lanyard.

How your (or your company’s) lanyard should look is completely up to you. When you order a custom lanyard, we produce it from scratch. This gives businesses plenty of opportunities to create a stylish design that perfectly matches their brand and overall identity.

Sustainable options for eco-friendly businesses

If you want a sustainable lanyard, you have several options. Among the sustainable lanyards, you’ll find a truly beautiful cork lanyard. Learn more about cork and why it is an exceptionally sustainable material.

Among the sustainable lanyards, you can also find lanyards made of organic cotton, bamboo lanyards, or PET lanyards. Of course, you can have your logo printed on all the sustainable lanyards.

Lanyards with logo and printing

When deciding how your custom lanyard should look, you can choose to have your logo printed or woven onto the lanyard. Whether you want a lanyard with your logo or a lanyard with a name where the logo should not be the most prominent feature, you can choose to print or weave your logo in a color that closely matches the lanyard. With our Debox, we can emboss your logo on the lanyard so that the entire lanyard is uniform in color. The same applies if you choose a leather lanyard. Here, we can emboss a logo or text directly onto the beautiful leather, creating a stylish and understated look.

If you want a lanyard with printing, you have different options. For example, you can choose screen printing or offset printing. We can also digitally print the entire lanyard. A digitally printed lanyard allows for many fine details, whether you want a logo or something else printed on it.

If you need a lanyard that is a bit more hygienic than the others, choose our silicone lanyard.

What type of carabiner can I get on the lanyard?

Since the product is custom-made and produced according to your preferences, you can also choose from a wide range of carabiners and various accessories. This could be a keyring, a phone strap, or a safety breakaway buckle that you select for your custom lanyards.

If you are going to use the lanyards for children or with machinery, we always recommend that you design the lanyard with a safety buckle (breakaway buckle) to prevent choking.

If you are looking for a carabiner or other accessory that you cannot immediately find on our website, feel free to ask us anyway. We are happy to investigate if there is a solution we can find.

You can also get plastic card holders or access card holders as accessories for the lanyard.

What does a custom lanyard cost?

A custom Unilan lanyard is our cheapest custom-designed lanyard. Unilan lanyards start at NOK 11.50 per piece for 100 units + setup fee.

What is your delivery time?

Usually, we deliver the lanyards within 10-15 working days. Several of our custom lanyards can also be delivered within a week for an express fee. You can get the exact delivery time for the lanyards by contacting our sales team.

If you need your lanyard as soon as possible, we have lanyards without printing in stock for same-day dispatch. Just place your order by 2:00 PM on weekdays, and we will send it the same day. If you order lanyards without printing on Saturday or Sunday, we will send them on Monday.

We are always ready to talk about lanyards, and we know quite a bit! So whether you have a very special idea, or you want to use a standard lanyard – whatever you want – give us a call at 239 60 966.

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