Christmas Workshop for Children

Christmas offers a lot of creative fun for both children and adults. Here, we have gathered some ideas and checklists for inspiration, making it easy to prepare your own Christmas workshop. It’s always a good idea to have all the materials in place when you’re hosting a crafting workshop with children.

Homemade snow globes/shake globes

We all know the snow globes that, after a little shake, let the snow fall gently over the figures inside. I remember them as somewhat magical, even though it’s no secret how they work. But you don’t have to settle for buying the nice shake globes. There are many DIY guides online that show you how to make your own. It’s not very difficult, and you probably already have some of the materials needed to make the snow globes. Find inspiration on Pinterest or at Messy Little Monster.

Inside the snow globe, you can place a bottle label on the “back”. Here, you can write a nice greeting or create a design that matches the theme of the snow globe.

Make iron-on patches and gift tags with your own drawings

Another fun activity is to make your own iron-on patches or gift tags. You can attach the iron-on patches to anything from Christmas decorations to T-shirts and tote bags. It’s a great gift idea, and the child has the opportunity to contribute by drawing a design that can be printed on an iron-on patch before being attached to the clothes.

You can also create your own stickers for wrapping, which you can then order as stickers. Here’s how:

Draw one or more drawings on paper. When the drawing is finished, take a picture of the completed drawing. You can use the Microsoft app “Scan,” if available. Crop the image. Once you have a good picture, you can upload it to Ikast Etikett. Now you can add text and customize the design. Add to the shopping cart when you’re satisfied with the result and wait a few days. The finished labels will be delivered to your mailbox after a few days.

Christmas decorations

  • Candles, for example an Advent candle
  • Clay or oasis
  • Something to make the Christmas decoration in/on, for example a cut-off tree stump, flower pot, paper plate or similar
  • Spruce, pinecones, whole cinnamon, branches, moss or small branches with green leaves and red berries (possibly a small hedge trimmer for cutting spruce)
  • Ribbon or jute twine
  • Glitter, small Christmas balls, hearts, red berries or other ornaments

Create Christmas decorations from recycled materials

There are many opportunities to use things you already have in your house when making Christmas decorations. Below you can get inspiration for Christmas decorations made from recycled materials, so remember to save some during the autumn.

  • Jam jars
  • Toilet paper rolls and kitchen paper rolls
  • Newspapers
  • Advertisement material and other colored print
  • Bottle caps
  • Twigs and small sticks
  • Scissors
  • Have some solid colored cardboard as a supplement to the recycled materials.

Sew Christmas ornaments

If you have a little creative girl or boy who wants to sew, you can sew Christmas ornaments. Small, simple angels or elves filled with cotton or batting are nice to hang on the Christmas tree or in the window.

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