Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

It’s great to make gifts that will actually be used. A tote bag for changing clothes, indoor shoes, or shopping can be a gift that most people can use. It’s also easy for your child to put their own personal touch on the tote bags without it being too complicated.

Of course, you can choose to draw directly on the tote bags, but that requires fabric markers to get a good result. For some children, it can also be overwhelming to have a completely blank tote bag in their hands. Instead, the child can draw a picture that you can photograph or scan onto a computer. When you scan the drawing, you can upload the image file to Ikast Etikett and order iron-on labels with the finished drawing.

When you receive the iron-on labels, you can place them on the canvas bags wherever you like. It can be drawings from several children on the same tote bag. For example, it can be very nice to have the children draw small drawings with a theme, such as animals, Christmas, weather, princesses, soccer, or something else that the recipient also likes.

You can choose the size of the iron-on labels when you order them online.

If you are making a gift for a brother or sister, it can also be nice to draw a picture that becomes an iron-on label that can be applied to a t-shirt.

With the new iron-on labels without background, you can create cute or funny texts to iron onto the tote bags. It can also be a fun idea for slightly older children who don’t want to draw: find many words, small phrases, or something else that you can put on a tote bag. Another nice detail can be to sew a label or woven label on the outside of the fabric bag.

Painting on Cups and Porcelain

What you need:

  • Porcelain cups that can withstand oven baking
  • Porcelain markers
  • Name labels

Another lovely (and inexpensive) Christmas gift idea is to find some nice solid-colored cups at a thrift store. With a porcelain marker, you can decorate the cup – and if you make a mistake along the way, you can simply wash it off. The marker only adheres when it is heat treated in the oven. When the cup is finished, you can attach a name label with the recipient’s name to the cup. You can also make labels with a picture that means something to the recipient. Both types of stickers are dishwasher safe, so they will last for many years.

Beautiful and Personal Gift Wrapping from Your Children

When the children have made their own Christmas gifts, they must be wrapped nicely, of course. With the lovely gift wrapping stickers, you can create stickers with pictures or drawings to decorate the outside of the wrapped gift. In the example below on the left, the gift giver made the stickers so that there is space to write the recipient’s name with a marker. This allows for more possibilities to use the stickers.

Homemade Candy

Homemade cookies, oatmeal balls, sweets, or just a jar of the recipient’s favorite candy from the grocery store must be wrapped nicely, of course. An old jam jar with a personalized bottle label, pretty paper over the lid, and a nice ribbon, and you have a beautiful jar that you can give to family and friends.

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