Christmas gift tips: beautiful gifts you can make yourself

Christmas gift tips: beautiful gifts you can make yourself

Previously, it was quite common to make your own Christmas gifts – so why not revive this tradition? In a time where “time” itself is scarce, there is perhaps no greater expression of love than to spend time and good thoughts on making a personalized gift for friends and family.

Soap and body scrub

You can find many different recipes for body scrubs online, for example here at Bua Dekor, Caroline Berg Eriksen, or Sunkost. Many of the recipes you find have the same basic ingredients (almond oil and sugar), and then you can customize them yourself with different scents, such as lavender, vanilla, ginger, mint, lemon, or coffee. Experiment and find a recipe that you personally find good before making the scrub for family and friends.

Once you have made a good amount of scrub, it can be filled into jars. You can easily use old jam jars. The jars must of course be clean, both inside and out. If there are remnants of old labels, make sure to remove them completely. Wash the jars well with dish soap inside. Just before filling the scrub into the jars, scald both the jars and the lids. Avoid touching the glass too much, so you have a good starting point for filling the scrub into a completely clean jar. You can also rinse the jars with alcohol to disinfect them.

Stylish jars with nice labels

As the finishing touch, the jars with scrub should of course have a nice label. You can design your own labels at Ikast Etikett. Attach labels to the lids and the jars themselves. Here we have created examples of labels with a beautiful floral pattern and simple text describing the content.

Handmade soaps

Handmade soap is decorative, and the soap can smell exactly as you want it to. One advantage of solid soap is that you save on plastic packaging when you replace liquid hand soap with soap bars. It is not difficult to make your own soap, and there are plenty of online tutorials with soap recipes. What really makes the soap fun to make and receive is when you experiment with adding fragrances, colors, grains, glitter, or hiding a toy inside the soap. You can also stamp the soap or mold it into fun shapes.

Personalized wrapping

In the first picture from the left, we have folded a piece of shredded striped paper around the soap. Finally, the paper is secured with a nice wrapping sticker.

TIP: A large piece of soap can get a little dirty over time. So make sure that the soap bars are not too big.

If you sew clothes, scarves, or other items for family and friends, you should of course attach labels. You can order your own woven clothing labels at Ikast Etikett, which you can sew onto the clothes. You can also decorate the clothes with names or nice illustrations by creating your own iron-on labels.

In the pictures below, you can find inspiration for other homemade Christmas gifts with your own to-and-from labels.

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