Creative Ideas for New Year’s Eve

On December 31st, we say goodbye to the old year. Many people enjoy ending the year with parties, glitter, and fancy drinks, but there are many ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve. In this blog post, we have gathered a range of creative ideas for New Year’s that are easy to be inspired by and adapt to your own New Year’s party.

Hourly Tasks

New Year’s Eve can sometimes be a long evening, especially for those waiting for midnight. To make the waiting time more fun, you can mark each passing hour. You can use the following ideas as a starting point:

  • New drink. Every time a new hour arrives, for example, 8 PM, 9 PM, 10 PM, 11 PM – make a new drink. It can be with or without alcohol. Find some drinks that take a little time to garnish and mix – so the time is spent cutting lemons, rinsing mint, etc. Use labels for bottles to put on glasses and pitchers to distinguish between the different timed drinks.
  • Play a new game. Get out a lot of games, and each time the big hand hits twelve, start a new game. Choose games or activities that you already know, so you don’t have to spend time learning the rules.
  • Choose a task: Prepare a number of tasks in advance that guests must draw every hour. Customize the tasks for the group. It can be anything from washing dishes, getting drinks, giving a speech, coming up with a party game, applying lipstick, kissing, decorating with streamers, etc. Seal the tasks with labels that you create yourself at Ikast Etiket.
  • Pop balloons: Inflate balloons. Preferably with helium. On each balloon, write the time at which the balloon should be popped, for example, 6 PM, 7 PM, 8 PM, 9 PM, 10 PM, 11 PM, 12 AM.
  • Activity bags for kids: If there are kids at the party, you can create activity bags with different tasks, games, candy, coloring books, fireworks, etc., that can be opened at specific times – and maybe the times should be a little unusual to make it even more exciting for the kids to watch the clock? Seal the bags with stickers for wrapping.

Kransekage with Tasks

No New Year’s Eve without dessert and kransekage (if you ask me). But why not be creative and do something a little different this year. well in advance of the party, you should make stickers for the party with funny statements, hopes for the new year, or tasks for the guests. In addition, you should make an equal number of stickers with a neutral design, such as the one in the picture. Each cake should now have a front and a back. On the front, place the neutral sticker and on the back, place the sticker with a task or a question (or whatever you feel like). Attach the stickers to a cocktail pick or toothpick to assemble them. Place the cakes with the front facing forward, so that the guests cannot read the back in advance. Now each guest takes a cake without knowing what awaits them.

Make Your Own Hats or T-shirts

Find some old hats from a thrift store or T-shirts. Decorate the hats with tulle, feathers, gold spray, or whatever you like. You can also iron iron-on patches with 2024 on the hats to mark the start of the new year. On your T-shirts, you can attach iron-on patches with pictures from the past year.