Morten doesn’t voluntarily take off his festival wristbands.

For Morten Six, festival wristbands are not just access tickets to a festival that are thrown away when the festival is over. Morten actually keeps his festival wristbands on his arm until they fall off on their own. In fact, we have to go all the way back to the Midtfynsfestival in 1992, where Morten last voluntarily took off a festival wristband from his wrist. Morten says that the wristbands typically last 8-10 years before they eventually become so worn out that they fall off.

The traditional festival wristbands still hold up

Although Morten loves all kinds of wristbands in general, he is still not in doubt when asked if he has a favorite. The woven festival wristbands are just a little cooler and more authentic in Morten’s opinion. And the design also stays in much better condition when you wear the wristbands for so many years. With use over a long period of time, the printed wristbands fade. When it comes to fastening the wristband, Morten is also certain: “It should of course be with an aluminum closure and not the big plastic fasteners that can keep getting tightened and often end up being taken off or replaced by mistake.” So even though many other types of festival wristbands have come onto the market, the traditional wristbands still hold up. Both in terms of appearance and durability, at least if you ask Morten.

It’s cool to see others wear what you’ve designed

Morten is not only an enthusiastic collector of festival wristbands, he also designs them. For many years, he has designed festival wristbands for both the small underground festival Fællestival and Stengade goes Roskilde. Morten is a festival enthusiast through and through, and this summer you can meet him at the Frigear bar by the Arena stage at the Roskilde festival, which is run by the association Frigear. You can recognize Morten by his arm adorned with many wristbands.

There is no doubt that the festival wristbands Morten likes best are the ones he gets to design himself: “It’s always fun to see the things you create become something that people keep on their arm, sometimes for years,” says Morten. For him, it shows that people want to show the world that they have participated in this event, whether as a guest, volunteer, or employee.

Below you can see a selection of Morten’s collection of festival wristbands. Among them are also several of the wristbands that Morten has designed for Stengade and Fællestival.

What’s important when choosing festival wristbands?

If you feel the same way as Morten, that the woven festival wristbands are the coolest? Or do you have a detailed design that looks best when printed? Regardless of how you want the end result to look, let Ikast Etiket be your partner when buying festival wristbands. No task is too big or too small or has too many details. We always want to help our customers reach their goals, so you get the festival wristbands that fit perfectly with your event and audience. Send an email or call 020 3455 8270 and tell us about the event, your needs for security control, and most importantly, your design preferences. And don’t be afraid to contact us well in advance. With ample time, we have more options to adjust the price and, for example, ship your festival wristbands instead of flying them. It’s advantageous for both the environment and your budget.

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