Stickers for ceramics

If you have your own production of handmade ceramics, you can advantageously use stickers on the ceramics to brand your craftsmanship. This way, your customers can always find you again if they want to buy more or refer family and friends to you.

Use stickers to create awareness for your ceramics

There can be different reasons to put stickers on your ceramics.

  • Create awareness and attract more customers
    When selling your ceramics, you can use the stickers to advertise your small production. We all know the experience of seeing something cool in someone else’s home and wanting to buy something similar. With stickers on the ceramics, it’s easy to share your information with a new potential customer. The same goes if the ceramics are received as a gift. Now the happy recipient can easily see where she can buy more. Use transparent stickers to share your name, artist’s name, website link, hashtag, Instagram profile, or sales channel.
  • Information about the ceramics
    The stickers can also serve a more informative purpose. For example, you can use stickers to indicate how the ceramics should be washed, e.g., if they are not dishwasher safe or if the used glaze is food-safe. You can also provide information about the materials or the thoughts behind your design.
  • As a price tag
    With labels, you can also price your finished ceramics. If you sell your ceramics in “collective shops” or on consignment, it is an advantage to have the prices clearly marked, possibly along with a link to your online shop or Instagram.

You can, of course, also combine the above when designing your own stickers. At Ikast Etiket, you can freely design stickers that perfectly match your small brand. When you order stickers from Ikast Etiket, it is entirely up to you to define both the text and size of the stickers. You can also choose the shape of your stickers for ceramics. Make your stickers round, square, or contour cut, for example.

Which stickers should I choose for ceramics?

If you want it to be straightforward, you can use clear stickers. The advantage of transparent stickers is that the ceramics will still be visible underneath the sticker. Transparent stickers are well suited when you want to place stickers on ceramics that the customer can leave on.

You can also place the stickers on the bottom of your ceramics, so they are less visible in use.

You can also design your own stickers to create awareness for your ceramics or stoneware.

If you think the transparent stickers are too invisible, you can also take a look at our vinyl stickers or paper stickers.

Vinyl stickers: If you choose vinyl stickers, you get a very durable sticker with a strong adhesive. This type of sticker is good if you want stickers that stay on the crafts. Either as part of the design or, for example, under the bottom of a ceramic cup or bowl. Use vinyl stickers to write statements, like the one in the picture saying “One of a KIND”. This type of sticker is also suitable if you want to provide different information to your customers. For example, information about materials, place of production, price, website, etc. You can also use the stickers to inform the customer whether the product is dishwasher safe or provide other tips for maintenance and cleaning.

Paper stickers: In the picture below to the right, you can see an example of our paper stickers. This quality is good for placing on ceramics or stoneware where it should be easy to remove the sticker again when the customer buys your mugs, bowls, flags, or other ceramics.

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