Emblems for the small lodge or club

Lodges and clubs can have many purposes and vary in size. While lodge attire is an essential part of the lodge’s existence for some, for others it is just a fun gimmick to have matching clothing or shirts with emblems. At Ikast Etiket, it is easy to order iron-on patches with your emblem or logo that you can iron onto T-shirts, polo shirts, vests, shirts, tank tops, etc.

Iron-on patches with emblem

If you want it to be cheap and you only need a few, our iron-on patches are clearly the best solution. The patches come in two different qualities: “With background” or “Without background”. Iron-on patches without background have a very nice expression. They are well-suited for text or logos without too many details.

Below you can see three examples of Advanced designer for iron-on labels.

If your emblem has many details or if you would like a more solid and powerful emblem on your clothing, you can also choose iron-on patches with background.

The iron-on patches with background are very easy to iron onto clothes or tote bags – and with just a few clicks and an iron, it is easy to get emblems on your clothing.

The advantage of both types of iron-on patches is that you can order exactly the number you need. So if you have a small poker club of 4 men, you won’t end up with a lot of emblems that you can’t use.

If you want a more exclusive look, you can also get woven labels with your logo or emblem.

Woven labels with emblem

Below you can see the Cava Club, who have had woven labels made for their blazers that they can wear when they meet. The woven labels can be made with an iron-on back or for sewing on.

What is a lodge?

You have probably heard of Freemason lodges or Odd Fellow lodges. A lodge is typically a group, often with some form of ceremonial or ritualistic practice, found within brotherhoods, Freemasonry, or similar secretive societies. But there are also many more or less formal lodges that consist of a group of friends who have formalized their association, for example, through rituals or by cultivating a shared interest when they meet.

The function of a lodge

A lodge functions as a community or a base for its members, where they can exchange ideas, support each other, and work on personal and collective development. Membership in a lodge is typically marked by a series of initiation rituals that symbolize personal growth and commitment to the group’s principles. The lodge is also a place where traditions and knowledge are preserved and passed down from generation to generation.

The use of emblems in more formal lodges

Emblems play an important role in many lodges, especially in organizations like Freemasonry, where each emblem has a specific meaning and conveys specific teachings or values. Emblems are used both decoratively and as part of the ritual.

  1. Identification: Emblems can help identify the members’ rank and role within the lodge. They are often worn on clothing or ritual objects, indicating that the wearer has achieved a certain level of initiation or responsibility.
  2. Teaching: Many emblems contain symbolic images or figures that serve as educational tools. They remind members of the lessons they have learned or the virtues they should strive for. For example, in Freemasonry, the square and compass symbolize the moral and ethical boundaries a Freemason must adhere to.
  3. Unity: Emblems strengthen the sense of unity among members. By wearing the same emblem, members feel a deeper connection to each other and to the organization’s ideals.
  4. Tradition and heritage: Emblems also serve to connect current members to the history and traditions of their predecessors. They are a visual representation of the organization’s heritage and enduring values it represents.

In practice, emblems can be used in various contexts within the lodge. They can be imprinted on the lodge’s buildings, engraved on furniture, or worn on special garments during ceremonies. They can also be used in less visible contexts, such as personal jewelry or accessories worn in everyday life as a constant reminder of the lodge’s principles and the member’s affiliation to them.

In summary, lodges and their use of emblems are deeply rooted in tradition and symbolism. The emblems serve multiple functions, from teaching and personal reminder to enhancing a sense of community and continuity among members.

You are always welcome to contact us if you would like to order emblems for clothing. Call us at 020 3455 8270 or send an email to info@labelyourself.co.uk.

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