Name labels are also a good idea for boarding school

If you’re starting boarding school after the summer break, you’re probably feeling a bit nervous. And you’re definitely not alone. Most people have thoughts about making new friends or whether their family or friends back home will miss them. Just like thoughts about becoming a part of the boarding school community. That’s why it might seem a little awkward if your mom or dad thinks you should have your name on your things and in your clothes. Many people associate name labels with small children who can’t recognize their own belongings.

BUT name labels and name labels in clothes are in demand at most boarding schools. Simply because every year, boarding schools send sacks full of forgotten belongings to recycling when the year is over.

At boarding school, it’s as if the whole school becomes your home. Therefore, it’s easy to forget a sweater when you’re visiting your friends or hanging out in the common areas. Many students also have a feeling of “what’s mine is yours” and want to share their things with their friends. That’s why it can sometimes be difficult to remember where things actually belong. It’s rarely intentional, but because there are many other things to do at boarding school. Like being with your friends, going to classes, playing sports, finding your first girlfriend or boyfriend, acting in a play, and so on. With your name on your things, you have a good starting point for bringing most of it home, because it’s just easier to return a forgotten item to someone when the owner is clearly marked.

Which name labels should I choose for boarding school?

If you (and your parents) haven’t needed name labels in your clothes for many years, you may not know what to choose. The Name labels from Ikast Etiket is a brilliant sticker that you can use in your clothing:

  • Easy to apply – and easy to remove. The name label is a sticker that you simply stick onto your clothing. It makes it easy to quickly put your name in your clothes – and when you’re done at boarding school, you can easily remove the labels if that’s what you prefer.
  • Dishwasher and washing machine safe. The labels from Ikast Etiket can of course withstand the washing machine – and if you put them on your water bottle, you can put it in the dishwasher without any problems.
  • Discreet marking on a care label. This type of name label is discreet and simple, so you don’t have to worry about your things looking ugly. Place the name label in a care label inside the clothing. That’s where the labels adhere best.

Buy a boarding school pack and get your name on all your things

We have created 3 different boarding school packs so you can easily put your name on your clothes and belongings.

Here at Ikast Etiket, we think the Name label is brilliant and we use them ourselves. That’s why the Name label is included in all three boarding school packs.

Boarding school pack 1:

  • 150 Name labels
  • 25 sticker labels
  • 50 iron-on labels

In this pack, we have supplemented the Name label with sticker labels and iron-on labels. The sticker labels are great as a supplement to the Name labels because they are laminated. This is an advantage for things that need to be taken in and out of bags, such as your PC or phone charger. Or if you want to label your bike or other outdoor equipment.

In Boarding school pack 1, you also get iron-on labels. The iron-on labels are great if you want to label towels, underwear, or socks. The Name labels have a hard time sticking well to these materials.

Boarding school pack 2:

  • 120 Name labels
  • 100 iron-on labels

In Boarding school pack 2, you get plenty of labels for ALL your clothes. It includes both iron-on labels and Name labels. Read more about the iron-on label above.

Boarding school pack 3:
Keep it simple. 180 Name labels that you can put on most things.

  • 180 Name labels

If you’re unsure about which pack to choose, don’t hesitate to contact us by email at info@labelyourself.co.uk or by phone at 020 3455 8270. And last but not least, we wish you a fantastic start to boarding school and a great year!

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