Gift idea: Knit a hat for your friend

If you want to give your good friend a personal gift but you’re not sure what to come up with, if you’re skilled with knitting needles, you can knit a hat for her. Knit a nice hat in your friend’s favorite color or a color that matches her new coat, so it’s a hat she’ll actually use.

A homemade knitted hat is useful in the cold winter months, and it will remind your friend of you every time she wears it.

You can find many different knitting patterns for hats on the internet or at your local knitting store. Some patterns cost a little, while others are free. Before buying a pattern, you can usually read about the difficulty level or which yarn you need. For example, you can search for patterns at Drops, Ravelry, or PetiteKnit. Here you will find many options for modern hats – the hardest part will surely be choosing the right pattern that you like.

Add a label to the finished hat

Once the hat is finished, you can add a woven label to it with a catchy phrase or sentence. At Ikast Etiket, we have a large selection of labels in stock. This means that you can buy a single label that perfectly matches the hat you knitted. If you knit a lot, you can also make your own labels that you can insert inside the hat with washing instructions or size. The happy giver has created one design of labels that can be used for everything she knits, with the option to write size and initials directly on the printed Fabric Labels. Of course, you can also embroider initials and size on the label shown below.

Here you can see examples of some of the labels we have in stock.

At Ikast Etiket, you also have the option to design your own labels. For example, you can write your own text on suede labels. If you design suede labels online, they are in the size: 50mmx20mm. But we can also produce suede labels according to measurements or with embossed text, which gives a really cool effect.

On the page: w, you also have the option to design your own woven labels. You can choose whether you want your labels folded with “end fold” or “center fold” or as heat-cut labels. The advantage of heat-cut labels is that you don’t have to fold or bend your labels when sewing them onto a finished hat or piece of fabric. They are therefore very versatile and work on many different creations. For knitting, labels with end fold are often more suitable than labels with center fold. Center fold is especially suitable when sewing and wanting to sew a label into a seam.

You can also knit gloves, wrist warmers, or a scarf in the same yarn if you feel a hat alone is not enough.

What do you think of homemade gifts? Have you tried knitting a hat as a gift for your friend, and how was the gift received? Please share your experiences with us in the comments section.