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Labels, hang tags, care instructions, and size labels are all accessories for your collections. Accessories that help inform and educate your customers – and build your brand. Label Factory is for those who have a smaller production of clothing, bags, or other textiles. Whether you have your own production, upcycle textiles, or have a smaller production abroad, Label Factory can be the perfect solution for you. It almost feels like having access to your own factory when you use Label Factory at Ikast Etiket. Here, you can design printed labels, woven labels, GOTS labels, hang tags, and size labels.

In this blog post, you can get inspiration for designing your own labels through Label Factory. We will also go through the different steps you need to go through to design your labels in your very own label factory.

Woven Labels

  1. FOLD: Here you need to decide how your labels should be folded. When choosing a fold, consider where your labels should be placed on the garment. If they should always be in a neckline or waistband, you can advantageously choose “End fold (landscape)”, but if your labels should be in a seam, you should choose “Center fold”.
  2. SIZE: Now you need to choose the size of your woven labels. You can choose between different widths and freely choose the length of your labels.
  3. UPLOAD DESIGN/LOGO: Now we get to the really fun part. In step 3, you need to upload your design for your labels or your logo. If you have chosen a label with two “sides”, you can upload two different designs or choose to use the same logo on both sides. It is important that you are attentive in this step to ensure that your logo/design looks correct.
  4. COLORS (THREAD): In this step, you need to choose the colors your labels should be woven with.
  5. Ultrasonic cut: All woven labels are cut with “Ultrasonic cutting”. This ensures that your labels do not fray but are neat and straight on the edge.
  6. Quantity: Finally, you choose the number of labels you want.

Add your labels to the cart when you are satisfied. You can always go back one or more steps if there is something you want to change. Now you can design hang tags or other labels, or complete your purchase.

Woven Labels with GOTS Certification

If your brand has made a commitment to a more sustainable textile production, we highly recommend choosing Woven Labels with GOTS certification. These labels are made from organic cotton rather than polyester, which is the case with regular woven labels. One challenge with these labels is that they have a coarser texture, so they are not suitable for highly detailed and small designs. But if you have a logo with a bold font, go ahead. When choosing woven labels with GOTS certification, you also have fewer color options to choose from. However, for most of our customers, this is less important as long as the material is good. When designing these types of labels, you can read our guide above if you are unsure about anything. However, there are fewer options available in some of the steps.

Printed Labels

Printed labels may be preferred over woven labels if price is a determining factor. At the same time, a printed label can also be worth considering if you have many small details or a complicated design. But for others, it’s more about the look when choosing labels. Here, you can learn more about the differences in Label Factory.

Organic Cotton: If you want labels printed on organic cotton, you should choose “organic cotton”. Here, you can choose between two different types: Selvedge (egg edge) or Slit edges. If you choose selvedge, your labels will have a woven egg edge, but the ends where the ribbon is cut may fray. With slit edges, all edges have been cut, so they cannot fray. Labels with selvedge are slightly thicker and softer in quality compared to labels with slit edges. However, this type is a bit cheaper. The structure of the organic cotton is often coarser, especially compared to polyester labels.

Recycled Polyester: As an alternative to printed labels in organic cotton, you can also choose recycled polyester. This type has a glossy surface, and even small text is easily readable on the shiny and finely woven fabric.

Rotary Print or Digital Print?

  • Rotary Print: Here we can print with up to 3 different colors. If you want labels in organic cotton, you can only choose this type of print.
  • Digital Print: There is no limit to the number of colors. It is also possible to print a design where colors fade and blend into each other. You can choose between rotary print and digital print when choosing recycled polyester satin.


Hangtags are essential for most clothing sellers. Whether you design and produce clothing or other items in small or large quantities, hangtags fulfill several different needs when you label your products. In Label Factory, you can design your own hangtags. You have many options and can design your hangtags with accessories and different styles to support your brand.

Hangtags with or without fold:

  • Unfolded: A single sheet. We can print on the front and back.
  • Folded vertically (“book” format): Here, you get a hangtag where you can actually design four different sides.
  • Folded at the top: This type of hangtag has a fold at the top, and like the type above, you have four sides to design.

Paper Types:

  • MC, 100% recycled, 350 grams: Machine-coated paper has a glossy surface. It gives a really nice result when printing on this type of paper.
  • Offset, 300 grams: Offset paper has a rougher surface and not the glossy finish found on MC quality. This type is available in white and off-white.
  • Recycled black, 320 grams: This paper is slightly lighter than the white papers.
  • Craft paper: While you may not be able to tell with the other paper types, this type of paper is almost synonymous with recycled paper.

Holes and Accessories:
When designing your hangtags in our Label Factory, you can choose from different sizes of holes. Additionally, you can add various mounting accessories such as cords, safety pins, etc. All accessories that help emphasize your brand.

An inlay is typically an extra sheet that accompanies a hangtag. Place it in front, behind, or “inside” a folded hangtag. You can use an inlay to highlight special details or features of a single garment. Inlays are printed on very lightweight paper or in a transparent quality, starting at just 80 grams (like regular printer paper). We do not recommend ordering an inlay alone as a hangtag unless you want a very light look.

Size Labels:
When you order size labels through Label Factory, you can choose between woven or printed labels. Woven size labels are available in black and white, while printed labels are only available in white. For size labels, you can only order text that is predefined. But if you have specific size requirements, you can check out our size labels in stock or send us an email. For larger quantities, we can easily produce size labels with your specific sizes.

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