How to Create “Poor Man’s Merchandise” with Stickers and Iron-On Patches

At Ikast Etiket, we cater to various types of customers, from small hobby businesses to big festivals, hotels, and trade shows. These businesses want merchandise in the form of stickers, key hangers, or wristbands. However, for smaller start-ups or individual businesses, purchasing large quantities of merchandise can be a significant expense, and many choose to forgo it entirely.

At the same time, many businesses want to expand and spread the word about their growing ventures. This is where the concept of “poor man’s merchandise” comes into play. What can you do when you want to build a brand, but your funds aren’t enough for large expenses? You design your own logo stickers. Our logo stickers are of high quality, and it is easy to order the exact number of stickers you need. At Ikast Etiket, it is also easy to define the size of your stickers, ensuring that they fit perfectly on whatever surface you wish to apply them to, whether it’s pens, notebooks, hardware, coffee mugs, or packages.

A fun way to create logo mugs, for example, could be to find nice and well-maintained mugs at a thrift store and then apply attractive stickers with logos, funny sayings, statements, or similar on them. Now you can have these mugs in your office or distribute them to business associates.

Label Equipment

For example, let’s consider an independent IT-support provider or supplier of IT equipment to other businesses. By applying a sticker with your logo and, most importantly, your phone number to your equipment, it becomes easy for customers to find contact information and remember where to call the next time they need equipment or assistance.

Mark Plates and Utensils with Logo Stickers

Catering companies and cooks who deliver meals to local businesses or events often have a large number of plates, bowls, and dishes in circulation. Buying branded engraved plates and utensils can be expensive, and it can also be costly to replenish them if anything is missing. Therefore, a good alternative is to apply stickers underneath the bottom of bowls, plates, and dishes. The vinyl stickers from Ikast Etiket can withstand many cycles in the dishwasher (even industrial ones). Labeling your equipment ensures that customers are never in doubt about who they belong to, making it easy to avoid mix-ups. Additionally, customers may also be more aware of returning borrowed items if your company name is clearly displayed at the bottom.

Add Clear Sender Information to Packages

With poor man’s merchandise or stickers, it is also easy to brand your company name on the packages you send to your customers and business contacts. Make sure the stickers are a good size and that they are easily readable for both the customer and anyone else who sees the package. You can also use your poor man’s merchandise for gifts during Christmas, anniversaries, or other events where you want to share your logo with others.

How to Easily Add a Logo to Clothing and Textiles

Another form of poor man’s merchandise is creating your own company clothing. With iron-on patches without a background, it is easy to iron your logo or text onto clothing you already have or have purchased specifically for this purpose, without the need to buy large quantities. You can add anything from logos, slogans, to graphics on your company clothing, and the end result looks great.

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