Shall we pack your bracelets for you?

Or do you have other preferences for a unique solution when ordering bracelets?

Whether you need admission wristbands, Professional festival wristbands, or Promotional wristbands, you will receive a result that is tailored down to the smallest detail when you order from Ikast Etiket.

We are always up for a challenge, so if you dream of bracelets that are individually packaged, bracelets with unique details, or something completely different, you are always welcome to reach out to us.

Bracelets packaged individually in retail boxes are perfect as merchandise bracelets or support bracelets, where you want to focus on a cause and/or collect money for a good cause, just like Copenhagen Pride has chosen to do for several years.

Or like NILS, who distribute their bracelets on a card with relevant information for the stay.

Pre-packaged VIP boxes

We are also happy to help you with pre-packaged VIP boxes.

VIP boxes are a fantastic way to send tickets, bracelets, access cards, or keyhangers to VIPs or gold customers.

The boxes are produced according to your wishes and are a good way to consolidate the experience in one package.

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