How to remove labels?

Removing labels doesn’t have to be difficult. In this guide, we will help you remove labels easily. Before you start removing labels, it’s a good idea to be aware of the material you’re removing the label from. It also matters what type of label you want to remove.

How to remove clothing labels?

Labels are often sewn onto the garment. Therefore, it’s about loosening the seam and removing the threads that attach the label to the garment. The stitches used to attach the label to the garment can sometimes be very small. It might be smart to use a seam ripper. You insert the long pointed end of the seam ripper under the thread and push until the blade on the seam ripper cuts the thread. Sometimes, it’s enough to just cut a few threads and pull out the entire thread. Other times, it will be necessary to cut many threads, to avoid damaging the fabric where you want to remove a label. If you don’t have a seam ripper, you can also use sharp scissors and cut the threads carefully. Alternatively, you can try to break the threads between the label and the fabric.

Be aware that very delicate fabrics, like silk, may leave small visible holes in the fabric when removing a label.

How to remove name labels?

To remove name labels from clothes, you don’t need any tools or other equipment. A name label is attached to the garment with adhesive and can be removed with your fingers or loosened with a nail in most cases.

Name labels that are attached to lunch boxes, water bottles, or toys can be removed in the same way as with clothes. If it’s a name label on glass, you can use a glass scraper.

How to remove labels from glass?

When removing a label from glass, the best approach is to try to loosen the label with your fingers before trying anything else. The labels we sell at Ikast Etikett are made of a strong vinyl quality and do not crumble in the same way as labels you know, for example, from jam jars. Therefore, it is usually possible to peel off the label from the glass in one piece. At Ikast Etikett, we have a type of labels called bottle labels. Bottle labels are made of a quality where the adhesive is not as strong as our vinyl stickers. The label also does not have the same powerful vinyl surface but rather a matte paper-like surface. It looks really good as a label on wine bottles, gin bottles, beer bottles, or other bottles you want to give a nice appearance. If you know in advance that you will need to remove the label again, we always recommend that you buy bottle labels.

If you need to remove labels with strong adhesive, you can use a glass scraper to remove the sticker. You can also try to loosen the label with a hairdryer if the label is firmly attached. If you put a glass with adhesive residue from a label in the dishwasher without fully removing the label, you risk that the heat in the dishwasher will “burn” the label even more firmly. Therefore, it’s best to try to completely remove the adhesive before washing the glass in the dishwasher.

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