Where to buy name labels?

It is easy to buy name labels online for yourself or your children, for example from us at labelsyourself.co.uk/name_labels. The majority of the name labels we sell at Ikast Etikett are produced only after the customer has chosen what should be written on the labels. Most people write names and phone numbers on their name labels. But of course, you decide what should be written there. At Ikast Etikett, we specialize in making high-quality name labels, where customers have many options to design the labels themselves in a variety of colors and with many figures.

You can buy name labels from many places online. At Ikast Etikett, we may not have the cheapest name labels, but I can guarantee that our name labels are of the highest quality. At the same time, we emphasize that the printing method we use is not harmful to children. Therefore, we are also proud that our name labels have the toy safety certification EN 71-3. This is a test that the name labels have undergone to ensure that they do not release harmful substances when in contact with the skin or if the child puts the name label in their mouth.

As soon as you have ordered your name labels, we start production. After a few days, they will arrive in your mailbox. If you don’t have time to wait for printed name labels, you can order blank name labels. We have named the blank name labels Label Yourself Tags. Write with a pen or marker on the blank name labels. Now you can stick them onto the clothes you want to take extra care of.

Where to order name labels?

Go to the page labelyourself.co.uk/name_labels

Here, you write the text you want on your name labels. If the name labels will be used in children’s clothes, we recommend that you write the child’s first name and possibly last name or initial. It may also be wise to include a phone number for one of the parents. With a phone number, it will always be easy for others to contact you with an SMS or call if they have found your belongings.

You can also choose a background, such as a color or a pattern. If you want to make the name labels even more personal, you can edit the font style and text color. In the example below, I have also added a princess to the name labels. If you also want a figure on the name labels, we have many different figures to choose from. Choose between tractors, monsters, princesses, animals, hot air balloons, hearts, soccer balls, and much more.

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