Name Labels – What is Best?

Choose the right name labels for your family.

We often get asked about the best name labels. There is no definitive answer to that. That’s why we offer different types of labeling, so we can meet YOUR specific needs. We have gathered the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of name labels below. Read about clothing stickers, iron-on labels, name tapes, iron-on clothing labels, stamps, and marker pens.

Name Labels


– Clothing stickers can be stuck directly onto the fabric. No sewing or ironing required.
– Easy to remove if the clothing is to be used by others.
– Can be used on toys, lunch boxes, electronics, and books.


– The labels should ideally be placed on a care label, so they have a stable surface that doesn’t stretch when clothes are taken on and off. Remember that the labels should be on for at least 24 hours before washing.
– The labels are not suitable for boiling wash.

Iron-on Labels

We make two different types of iron-on labels – white and colored.


– If you choose white iron-on labels with black text, the labels can withstand repeated boiling wash (colored iron-on labels can be washed at 60 degrees).
– Great if you want a clear name in the back of the garment.


– Requires some effort to remove (they need to be steamed off).
– Time-consuming, and the garment must withstand ironing.

Name Tapes


– Gives the garment an exclusive feel.
– Looks nice when placed on the outside of the garment.
– Very durable.


– Time-consuming to sew.
– Takes time to remove if the garment is to be passed on.

Marker Pen


– Very cheap way to label many garments.
– Quick labeling.


– Does not work on dark fabrics (write on care labels or similar).
– It can be difficult to achieve a neat result.



– No need to write neatly.
– You can choose whether you want a fixed or interchangeable print plate.


– Durability varies depending on washing and fabric type.
– Not ideal for dark backgrounds, so remember to stamp on care labels or similar.

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