5 Security Solutions: Optimize the security of your festival wristbands

5 Security Solutions: Optimize the security of your festival wristbands

For you as an event or festival organizer, it is crucial that the security control works flawlessly. As you probably understand, there are several reasons for this.

Paying guests have a worse experience if they see that other guests have entered the event area with fake wristbands or wristbands that have been passed on from other guests.

Having too many people in a confined space can cause challenges with the police and fire department, and it poses a real security threat to your guests in case of accidents or fires.

Guests who cheat on access control mean less revenue for you as the organizer.

When you use control wristbands, you have several options to increase security by adding extra features. Festivals are different, and therefore we also offer several different types of security functions that you can choose for your control wristbands.

1. Closure

What is the function of the closure?
The closure is meant to ensure that the wristband is closed. It is crucial for many organizers that the wristband cannot be removed from the guest’s wrist without cutting it off.

There are different types of closures.

Easy-lock is a very simple solution that you can quickly attach around the wrist. Easy-lock locks the wristband so that the lock cannot be opened, and the guest cannot remove the wristband without cutting it.

However, you must be aware that the excess material of the wristband must be cut off approximately 1.5 cm after closure to prevent the guest from being able to thread the wristband through the closure.

The downside of the easy-lock wristband is that some guests (both children and adults) tighten the wristband too tightly around their wrist, so they have to replace it.

Metal closure:
The metal closure is the classic closure that is reliable and simply works. The metal closure is made of aluminum. The metal ring is squeezed around the ends of the wristband, which locks the fabric so that the wristband cannot be removed again. The metal ring is still very popular among our customers, despite the fact that this solution is more time-consuming and requires tools. The advantage of the metal closure is also that once the wristband is closed, the guest cannot tighten it further.

Loop closure:
The loop closure works by closing a pin and a hole around a hole in the wristband. There are, of course, multiple holes so that the wristband can be adjusted to the size of the wrist. This solution is smart because it does not require tools, and at the same time, you avoid guests being able to tighten the wristband further once it is mounted on the wrist.

There are also closures available that allow the wristband to be reused. However, this type of closure is rare to find at festivals where the wristband is used for access control.

2. RFID Wristbands

RFID technology is becoming more and more popular. There are several reasons for this, and increased security is definitely one of them.

Contactless access control:
With RFID technology, you can scan the guest’s wristband and ensure that it is unique. In the chip, you can encode ticket type, guest’s name, age, etc.

Cashless payment:
RFID wristbands can also be used for payment, so you can avoid cash in circulation. This is a benefit for both your guests and your staff/volunteers. Guests can deposit an amount on the wristband in advance or link a credit card to the wristband.

3. Wristbands with Barcode/QR Code

You are already familiar with barcodes from concert or theater tickets, so why not use barcodes on festival wristbands?

The barcodes are unique, and a copy of a barcode will show your controllers if the barcode has already been used.

4. UV Wristbands

UV wristbands allow your controllers to check the authenticity of the wristband with UV light. UV is not visible in normal daylight, but it becomes visible to controllers with a UV lamp.

UV wristbands are particularly useful in dark areas where it may be difficult for your controllers to recognize your design.

You can get UV woven into fabric festival wristbands and UV printed on Tyvek wristbands.

5. Unique Design

The design is a simple but nonetheless essential feature of your wristband. If you choose a plain control wristband without any design or a standard paper wristband, it will be much easier for guests to sneak in simply because the wristband is too easy to copy.

Therefore, you must ensure that the design on your wristband is unique and thus difficult to copy. If you have different types of entrances, you must make variations that are easy to distinguish from each other – even on a rainy day.

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