Design face masks with your logo

Designing face masks with your logo is a great opportunity to showcase your logo in a time where face masks have become a regular part of everyday life.

Here are three tips to consider when designing your own face masks with a logo.

1. What should be on your face masks with a logo?

  • Logo (large)
    When designing face masks with a logo, there are several ways to do it. You can choose to have a large logo centered in the middle of the mask. When the logo is placed in the middle of the wearer’s face, it will be highly visible and easily noticeable from a distance. However, having the logo take up the entire mask might deter people from wearing it.
  • Logo (subtle)
    If you prefer a face mask with a logo that is not dominant, there are many options for a more discreet placement of the logo. The placement of the logo on the mask depends on the design of your logo. For example, you can place it along the seam vertically on the side(s) of the mask. With this solution, you can have a different design in the middle of the mask, or you can choose to keep it neutral with only your logo being visible.
  • Slogan
    In addition to, or instead of, your logo, you can choose to print your organization’s slogan on the mask.
  • Statement
    Rather than a logo, you can choose to have a statement printed on your face mask. This could be a statement related to the use of face masks, such as “I’m smiling behind the mask,” or it could be statements related to events, sports teams, or political expressions. The choice is yours.
  • Illustration
    An illustration showing a funny mouth and/or nose can make wearing a face mask a bit more enjoyable. There are many possibilities for creating a funny mouth, such as a happy mouth with a big smile, as they have done in “Smilets by, Aarhus” in Denmark. The mouth can be an illustration or a picture. A funny mouth of an ape or the roaring mouth of a tiger can also bring a smile to those who see it.
  • Pattern
    If the face mask is meant to be aesthetically pleasing, you can have almost any pattern printed on it. It can be graphic, painted, drawn, or childlike patterns. The style is entirely up to you. You can also use a pattern as the background for your logo to achieve a nice result.
  • Use elastic bands and edge tape
    Face masks with prints from Ikast Etikett have attached edge tape and elastic bands that you can choose the color of. Choose a color that complements the print or logo, or the same color as the logo.

Remember that you can also combine the above options.

2. Color choice for face masks with a logo

When ordering face masks, consider the color choice. Who will be wearing the face masks? Is it your employees, customers, or someone else entirely?

A white face mask can quickly start to look a bit dirty. Makeup residue is not very attractive. At the same time, a clean white face mask can signal a clean and hygienic mask.

3. Think of the overall design when designing your own face mask

When designing a printed face mask, consider that it should be easy to understand and that any text should be quick and easy to read. The person wearing the mask may not stand still for long.

Think about contrasts. Make the text easy to read by choosing colors that do not blend too much together, unless you want the text and logo to be subtle.

If you want to include many details on the face mask, think about why. If it is something that should be visible from a distance, it is not a good idea. If it is more important to have all the details included rather than visibility from a distance, you can of course include the details.

We hope you have been inspired to design a face mask with a logo. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email at or call us on the phone: 23 96 09 66.

Read the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s recommendations on face masks in relation to Covid-19.

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