Labels for the smallest items

You are probably familiar with name labels, but do you know the little sister of the name label, “Minilapper“? Minilapper is made of the same material as name labels in a size of 16x6mm. So it’s a label that is a bit smaller than the name labels. You get all the same great features, but with less space to write on. Our recommendation is therefore to only include the first name on the minilabels and possibly the first letter of the last name.

What you can use Minilapper for

The Minilapper from Ikast Etikett is very versatile. Just like its big sister, the name label, you can also use the minilabels on clothes. But you should still remember to attach the minilabel to the care instructions or merkelapper in the clothes to get the most out of the sticky label. Of course, the small minilabels can also be washed in the washing machine. Alternatively, you can also use iron-on labels that measure 30x10mm as standard.

The Minilapper are especially suitable for the family’s smaller belongings:

Color pencils, markers, pencils, pens, rulers, and scissors. In fact, the minilabel is suitable for all the things you or your child have in their pencil case.

Toys: Does your child often bring their toys when visiting friends and family? Then it’s a good idea to put minilabels on the toys. Place the small stickers on the underside of the toy. That way, you know where to look for the name, but it’s still discreet and easy. On teddy bears and stuffed animals, you can place the small labels on tags that are often attached to teddy bears.

Keys: There can be advantages and disadvantages to putting names on keys. But putting a first name on a bike key can make everyday life much easier when in doubt about who the key belongs to. You can also put minilabels on car keys if you have multiple keys that look alike.

Hair clips: In the morning, you send your child to daycare with a hair clip. But in the afternoon, you pick up a child with hair all over the place, and you have to see if you can find the hair clip in the pile of lost things. It can quickly become costly. With a minilabel, it is easy to recognize your child’s hair clips. And instead of having to find the hair clip in the box of lost items, it is now easy for the adults at the daycare to put the hair clip together with the child’s belongings.

Toothbrushes: If you can’t always tell the difference between the family’s toothbrushes, the minilabels are an obvious choice. The sticker is durable and can withstand being rinsed and washed several times a day.

Glasses and sunglasses: If you or your child have poor vision, losing your glasses is one of the worst things that can happen. With a small minilabel on the inside of the glasses, the name is always there. This makes it much easier for others to find the owner.

Pacifiers: Pacifiers are one of those things you don’t want your child to share with others. It’s a good idea to put a minilabel on the outside of your child’s pacifiers so they don’t get lost or mistaken in daycare. The minilabels from Ikast Etikett are approved according to the toy standard EN 71-3, and you can be completely confident that the labels do not release harmful substances if your child were to suck on the label.

Small labels in other qualities

Do you want the same size as the minilabel, but a label in a different quality? Then you can design labels in the desired size at Ikast Etikett, for example, bottle labels and stickers for packaging.

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