Inspiration for bedroom renovation

We use the bedroom every night. Although the bedroom is mostly a room where we don’t spend many waking hours, it is still important that the bedroom is a good place to be for a good night’s sleep.

Start by tidying up the bedroom

It’s simple. Start by tidying up the bedroom. When you tidy up, you also get an impression of what you have in your bedroom and what is missing a proper place. If you love reading books in bed, maybe you can have a small bookshelf or nightstand with space for books, instead of a pile on the floor.


You might have chargers for mobile phones, headphones, etc., which give a cluttered appearance. A very simple and inexpensive way to organize the cables is to attach them to the bed or nightstand with cable ties. Of course, this requires having a charger that can be permanently on the bedroom. It may also be that tidying up provides an opportunity to organize some of your belongings differently in the bedroom. I have made a box with tissues, throat lozenges, and headphones. It’s not rocket science, but it collects various small items so that they don’t end up on the nightstand and create clutter. If you’re the type who takes off your jewelry before bedtime, you can find a nice bowl or glass container to put your jewelry in. You can put a bottle label on the outside with a cute text or a nice design to remind yourself to put your jewelry here so that they don’t get lost.

Use what you already have in your decor

Look at your home. Do you have old sofa cushions that you can reupholster and use as decorative pillows in the bed? You may have some posters or beautiful cards that you can hang on the wall. Alternatively, replace the posters you already have hanging in frames with new ones.

Wall color(s)?

The color of one or more walls in the bedroom seems to be a matter of temperament. But it can give the bedroom a whole new ambiance and expression. Wallpaper in various styles is also nice. A beautiful wallpaper on a single wall can give your bedroom a hotel vibe.

The wardrobe in the bedroom

Many people keep their clothes in a wardrobe or on clothing racks in the bedroom. Make sure to have a well-organized wardrobe so that it’s always easy to put the clothes away. If you have laundry in the bedroom, have one or more laundry baskets to put them in. If you sort the clothes when putting them in the laundry, it becomes even easier when it’s time to put them in the washing machine. Then you only need to look at the labels the first time you put them in the wash.


Something new and stylish

Give the bedroom a new look with a bedspread and new pillows. Something new on the wall can also help set the mood. Think about what you find cozy and beautiful when you go to sleep. That’s what should define how your bedroom looks, not an interior magazine.

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