Name tags – a must for events and conferences

Name tags are a must-have if you are hosting professional events and conferences. With the name tag, your guests and clients get an easy icebreaker when they can read each other’s names and companies. But perhaps also a fun fact? The name tag also saves participants from awkward situations if they can’t remember another participant’s name, even though they spoke to each other over breakfast.

At Ikast Etiket, we have several solutions that we recommend for your name tags. Our plastic pockets, available in many different sizes, are particularly popular. We always carry a fixed range of plastic pockets in the most common sizes. If you have specific size and format requirements, we are happy to make them to order, generally starting with a purchase of 500 pieces or more, but always ask us if you have special requests. Instead of using key hangers for name tags, you can also use the so-called yoyos.

A name tag is not just a name tag

The plastic pockets from Ikast Etiket are easy to attach to key hangers, which your participants and clients can wear around their necks. But you don’t have to limit the use of the name tags to the participants’ names. Below are a number of ideas for how you can use the space on your inserts:

  • Personalized programs for participants. If your participants need to sign up for modules or presentations according to their own wishes, you can print each participant’s program on an insert. If you want to print programs on inserts, we would recommend choosing the A6 size plastic pockets.
  • Room number
  • Special diets that participants can show to staff
  • Special privileges, such as access to VIP areas, etc.
  • Name tag with information about name, position, company
  • Fun fact about the participant that he/she has written

Make networking easier and more effective

When attending a conference, it is often an experience filled with new knowledge and opportunities. Conference participants have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas. To get the most out of a conference, it is important to make networking as easy as possible. This is where name tags for conferences come in as a simple, yet powerful solution. With the name tags, it is easy to read each other’s names and see which company the other participants come from. When your participants take away more than just the presentations they attended, they will also be more motivated to attend again in the future.

Name tags are not just for displaying your name; they also provide information about your company, title, and any key competencies. This creates instant identification and removes any uncertainty about who you are and what you have to offer.

Promote meaningful conversation

When people have access to information on a name tag, it gives them an easy conversation starter. Instead of spending precious minutes figuring out what you work with, your conversation partners can immediately dive into relevant topics. This fosters more meaningful conversations and helps you build connections that can have a lasting impact.

Professional atmosphere

Name tags also contribute to creating a professional atmosphere at the conference. It shows that the organizers have made an effort to facilitate networking and create a cohesive experience for the participants. This gives the conference a more sophisticated touch and makes it more attractive to potential participants.

If you have specific requests for name tags, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Ikast Etiket. There is no rule saying that name tags have to look a certain way.

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