Storage in the Bathroom

Bathrooms come in many different sizes. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you may need storage space. It’s easy to fill up the cabinets when there’s plenty of space. But in a small bathroom, there’s always too little space. When you have organization in your storage space, you avoid losing track of things. There’s no point in having that fancy shampoo sitting in the cabinet if it’s never used because you can’t see it.

The cabinet under the sink

You’re probably familiar with the “cabinet under the sink”. The place where you store everything and nothing, and it can easily become a bit disorganized. Especially because there also needs to be room for the pipes from the sink. But with a couple of good storage boxes and clear labeling of the contents, the cabinet can actually become a very nice storage space. Design your own labels to make your bathroom storage even more organized.

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Name your toothbrushes

Some people are okay with sharing their toothbrushes with their loved ones. For others, it’s a big NO GO, and the toothbrush goes straight in the trash if anyone even thinks about using it. If it doesn’t work to buy toothbrushes in different colors or use bamboo toothbrushes, it’s a good idea to use name labels on the toothbrushes.

Name stickers are also handy for electric toothbrushes. Use name labels on items like lip balm, deodorants, or other personal care products as well.

Differentiate your towels

Even if you’re a family, most people don’t like sharing towels. If you each have your own towel, it can be a good solution to use name labels to differentiate them. Especially if you want matching towels in the bathroom. Woven name tapes can also be used as loops on towels.

If it’s too much trouble to sew labels with names on the towels, everyone can have their own hook in the bathroom with their name on it or iron iron-on labels on the towels. Make the labels transparent for a uniform and simple look.

Child-proof storage

Do you keep medicine in the bathroom? If you have children in the house, you may need to ensure that they cannot access the medication. Place it high up, in a locked cabinet, or maybe in containers that the child cannot open. Small children may mistake it for vitamins or candy, while older children may take it by mistake. It might be useful to put name labels on medication, lip balm, and other personal items as well.

Bathroom cleaning products are often strong, so you should ensure that younger children cannot access the cleaning agents.

Create your own dispensers

To give your bathroom a uniform look, you can create your own soap dispensers. You can buy dispensers in glass or plastic. Buy a few from the same series that you can fill with hand soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, face cleanser, conditioner, etc. Create your own bottle labels or stickers that you can put on the dispensers, so you’re never in doubt about what’s in the bottles. At the same time, make a small “series” of travel bottles with stickers so you can easily take your favorite products with you on vacation.

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