Toy Storage

If you have children, you know how many toys they can spread out in a short amount of time. It takes up a lot of space and easily becomes cluttered. But it doesn’t have to be complicated to organize your children’s toys. The most important thing is to create a system that suits your family. A system that is easy for both children and adults to tidy up and keep organized. It also makes it easier for grandparents or other adults who want to lend a helping hand. For older children, it’s also easy to find exactly what they want to play with when their friends come over. And when the playtime is over, to pack the toys away again. And always remember to put name labels on the toys.

Make tidying up easy with stickers

There are big differences in what parents want to have on display. Some want to hide the toys away in cabinets, while others prefer transparent boxes.

Remember that whatever you choose should make it easy for children to take out the toys and put them away again. If you choose similar boxes, you’ll create a more calm expression where the toys are kept. Many storage systems have boxes in different sizes.

To make it easy for children (and yourself), it’s important to know what to put in each box. With stickers, you can clearly label what each box contains.

Below you will find examples of how to create stickers. Take pictures of the toys or choose symbols online.

Put toys away for a period of time!

Many children become completely absorbed when visiting friends and seeing all the new toys their friends have. If the child later receives a similar toy, the parents can be a little disappointed when the interest in the new toy quickly disappears. But a simple tip is to simply swap out the toys that the children have access to. If the interest in Duplo has faded, you can pack it away completely and put it somewhere the children can’t see it. When you bring it out again, it’s like getting a brand new toy.

Now it’s also easier to keep track of the toys that are on display.   

If the different types of toys have their own box with labels, it’s easy to put them away and find them again. If you want to write or add text to the labels yourself, you can use our bottle labels that have a matte surface. The bottle labels also have a different adhesive, making them easier to remove than our regular vinyl stickers.

Give away what you no longer use

Toys that have been well taken care of and are still in good condition can easily be passed on to your friend’s little son or your child’s younger cousin. Clean the toy and check that it works. Insert new batteries if the toy uses batteries. When wrapping the gift, you can use beautiful gift wrapping stickers, so that the recipient can see that you have put effort into the gift.

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