Theme Party: Arrange Your Own Festival

Theme parties are a hit. When you arrange a theme party, it sets the mood for the event. When guests already know the theme in advance, they can prepare with clothes or costumes that fit the theme. It quickly creates a good atmosphere when guests can talk about the theme. Use the ideas as you like and add or subtract, depending on your budget and target audience. A festival-themed party can also be for children.

Arrival at the Party

Upon arrival at the party, guests must, of course, wear a festival wristband (also called a ticket wristband). If you don’t want it to be too expensive, you can choose our paper wristbands. You can order paper wristbands from just 10 pieces. If you are organizing a large party, consider having one or more guards so that uninvited guests do not show up at the party.


Music is essential for a festival. But here too, it depends on the budget, unless you happen to know a bunch of bands and singers who will perform just for fun. With a smaller budget, you can maybe get a DJ, but otherwise, you can create cool playlists yourself. Think about the themes to be played throughout the day, so you play one band at a time. If you have the courage, you can perform yourself and mime.

Food and Drinks

Of course, there should be food at a festival. If you want it to be really fancy, you can go all-in and rent one or more food trucks. If the budget doesn’t stretch to a food truck, think “street food” when preparing the menu. The food should be easy to eat whether standing, sitting on the ground, or having guests in a beach chair.

Ideas for Food and Snacks for the Festival:

  • Burgers or sliders
  • Hot dogs
  • Mini pizzas
  • French fries
  • Finger foods – small tacos, hummus with snacks, etc.
  • Pancakes with fillings – both sweet and savory
  • Popcorn (rent a popcorn machine, for example). Remember bags for the popcorn

Ideas for Drinks at the Festival:

  • Beer keg system (if the party is for adults)
  • Slushies
  • Water, soda, sparkling water

Instead of using a bunch of disposable cups, find some more durable plastic cups and give each guest two cups with their name on them. Make stickers in advance that you can attach to the cups.

Decoration and Surroundings

Even though you stand a lot at a festival, the guests should also be able to sit down. Create many small areas where guests can sit or stand together. Look in local thrift stores or ask guests to bring:

  • Bar tables
  • Beach chairs
  • Festival chairs
  • Blankets
  • Lounge furniture
  • Also consider beautiful colored string lights and lighting that you can turn on when it gets dark.
lights for theme party


Do you want the theme party to be a real party that your friends will remember for many years? Then give guests merchandise. Put together goodie bags with earplugs, painkillers, and bandanas. You can also make lanyards and place the program for the party in plastic pockets that you attach to the carabiner on the lanyard.

Here are examples of lanyards that we always have in stock. If you want something completely special, you can of course order lanyards in your own design.

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