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At Label Yourself, it is important to us that the products we sell are of high quality. It means a lot to us that you as a customer receive a product that lives up to what we promise. When you buy name labels from Label Yourself to put in your children’s clothes, the name labels must stay in the clothes. Both when you wash the clothes and especially when the child uses them. At the same time, it is important to us that our products do not contain harmful substances. The name labels are attached to children’s clothes and come into close contact with the child’s skin every day.

The Danish company ForbrugerLaboratoriet has tested our iron-on labels, stickers, and name labels. “ForbrugerLaboratoriet is an independent, consulting test laboratory and a national center of expertise for safety and compliance in various consumer products – especially for children.” ForbrugerLaboratoriet examined whether the name labels, iron-on labels, and stickers from Label Yourself comply with the EN 71-3 standard. Fortunately, they do. EN 71-3 is actually a toy certification. When the products comply with EN 71-3, we are confident that the individual product does not release harmful substances through contact with the skin, or if a child puts a label in their mouth and sucks on it.

What makes good name labels?

We are constantly mindful of the quality of our name labels:

What we pay attention to regarding name labels, iron-on labels, and stickers is:

  • Do the name labels stay on the tag?
  • Does the print on the labels fade?
  • Are unused labels still usable after storage for a long time?

This applies to both short and long-term use.

We test the name labels, for example, by washing them in a washing machine and drying them in a dryer. Name labels on lunch boxes and drink bottles are washed almost daily in the dishwasher. Iron-on labels are also tested by washing and drying. We test our stickers by, for example, attaching them to computers, chargers, smartphones, and items that are washed in the dishwasher.

Customer feedback

At Label Yourself, the feedback we receive from our customers is the most important. If there are flaws in the labels, if the print fades quickly, or if the labels do not stick well enough, we want to know so that we can correct the issue. Because of course, the name labels must function correctly to be valuable to you. We are therefore EXTREMELY PLEASED with the many positive reviews we receive from customers on Trustpilot. Here, we have an overall rating of 4.9/5.

Unfortunately, we have experienced that the print on the name labels can wear off if the child uses greasy cream or sunscreen, and the cream comes into contact with the label. We have, of course, investigated whether we can avoid this. But at this time, it cannot be avoided, unfortunately. This is because we print our name labels with Eco-solvent ink. The alternative would be to print with UV ink, but as there is uncertainty about whether UV printing contains highly allergenic substances, we do not want to use this printing method.

What is important to you when buying name labels for your children? Do you look for independent tests, or do you test them yourself and make your own experiences? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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