Different labeling

Labels in metal, silicone, or leather. Woven labels are a classic and stylish solution. They are made of 100% polyester and can withstand washing without fading, and they are durable. But if you are looking for a different solution for labeling textiles, furniture, carpets, roller blinds, or anything else, we have several different options to apply to your products as part of your branding.

Silicone Labels

We produce silicone labels according to your design. Silicone labels can be produced in any size. We can deliver your silicone labels with holes for sewing or with notches on the edges for easier sewing if you do not want holes. Alternatively, they can have adhesive on the back. Silicone labels can be made with engraved (debossed) or raised (embossed) design/text/print. Silicone labels can also have one or more colors. Silicone labels can be used on, for example, bags or other places where you want a clear label that can be sewn on and exposed to wear, such as on a sports bag.

Metal Labels

Metal labels are used for textiles and hard materials such as plastic or aluminum. We always produce metal labels according to your preferences. Typically, we deliver metal labels with strong adhesive on the back. However, metal labels can also be produced with holes for sewing. Just like with silicone labels, you can have your design engraved, raised, or printed on a metal label. Metal labels are ideal for labeling your products where you want to put your own logo.

Leather Labels

Leather labels can be made of genuine leather or PU leather. PU leather can be produced in any Pantone C color codes. If you want genuine leather for your leather labels, we have a selection of standard colors that can still vary depending on the leather in stock. Ask for more information. Leather labels can be engraved, raised, or printed. Own design, own size, and own logo. Leather labels can be delivered with holes or with a notch along the edge for sewing. The design itself can be a combination of engraved/raised and printed text. Only imagination sets limits. Leather labels are used, for example, on furniture, clothing, and bags. If you have any questions about the different types of labels, please contact us at or call us at +47 97 15 53 12.

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