A cozy summer gift for your employees

With a summer gift from the company, you can show your employees that you appreciate them and send them off on vacation with a little greeting from the company.

For many, the summer vacation is the time of year when we completely disconnect and leave work behind. However, the weeks leading up to the summer vacation can be stressful, and work can be particularly busy. Your employees will therefore appreciate it if you send them on vacation with a gift and a thank you for their efforts during the spring.

A transparent sticker on the company’s summer gift

The company’s summer gift – what can we give?

Perhaps the hardest part is finding a gift that will excite all employees. When giving the gift before the summer vacation, it is nice to give the employees something they can enjoy during their time off.

Below you will find a range of ideas for summer gifts for employees from the company.

  • Gift basket with snacks, e.g. nuts and chocolate
  • Gift basket with beer
  • A good bottle of wine (especially rosé and white wine are well-suited for summer)
  • Champagne or other sparkling wine
  • Mix your own cocktails, e.g. gin & tonic
  • A nice travel bag
  • A high-quality neck pillow
  • A tote bag
  • A cap/sun hat
  • Toiletry bag or small pouch with travel-sized items
  • Headphones
  • Gift card to the local concert venue
  • Gift card to a local lunch spot
  • Gift card to an amusement park
  • Nice water bottle or carafe
  • Wine cooler
  • Delicious non-alcoholic drinks
  • Stylish beach towels for a beach vacation

There are many options for finding a great summer gift from the company, and perhaps you have an even better idea than those mentioned above? Regardless of what you choose, remember to put the company’s logo on the gift. If you choose stickers from Ikast Etikett, the logo sticker will stay in place to remind the employees where the gift comes from. Even long after the vacation is over (this especially applies to gifts that won’t be consumed or used up before the summer is over).

You can do this in different ways. With stickers, you can put the logo on many of the aforementioned corporate gifts.

If you choose to give a gift in textile, you can order labels with the logo, such as iron-on patches, that you can attach to the gift.

Create your own logo stickers for the company’s summer gifts

At Ikast Etikett, you can upload graphics online and design your own logo stickers. You can choose to keep it simple or get a bit more creative with the design and upload a summer motif. You can also upload your company logo on gold or silver foil, giving you some extra beautiful stickers to put on top of the summer gift. The transparent stickers are more discreet and provide a very professional look. They will look great on headphones, water bottles, or other items that employees use frequently.

At Ikast Etikett, we can also make wonderful leather keychains or other support products like sweatbands, luggage straps, bandanas, or tote bags that you can give to your employees. All with the company’s logo.

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