How to make stickers?

When you order stickers from Label Yourself, you can design your own stickers. Once we have received your order, we start production automatically. If you discover an error in the design, please contact us as soon as possible.

Once the production has received your design file, we print the stickers on a high-quality printer. Depending on the type of stickers you have ordered, they are printed on different types of foil. It can e.g. be plain white foil, transparent foil, gold or silver foil or our matt foil. The regular stickers are finally laminated.

When the stickers are laminated with vinyl, they become very durable. When you order vinyl stickers, you get stickers that can withstand sitting outdoors and being exposed to sun, rain and wind without the stickers fading. The vinyl stickers can also withstand oil, petrol and other chemicals without the stickers being damaged.

In this video you can see how to design the stickers in our advanced designer.

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