Wrapping of this year’s gift calendar

Christmas is coming fast, and when we reach December 1st, the gift calendar must be ready. Often even earlier, if you give advent gifts. Then the advent calendar should often be ready already at the end of November. What each individual gift calendar should contain, we leave completely up to you. But in this blog post, you get inspiration on how to wrap the gifts.

Sew bags from reusable fabric

You can sew nice bags for the gift calendar yourself, which you can use year after year. Find fabric in a thrift shop, which you can sew the bags from. Maybe you find a Christmas tablecloth or another Christmas fabric that will fit well. A coffee sack (jute sack) will also fit nicely to sew small “Santa Claus bags” from. To personalize the bags, you can sew name tags on the gift bags. Make the bags in different sizes so that there is room for different sizes of gifts. You can sew numbers on the bags, but you can also make small cardboard signs with numbers that you can tie around the bags when you close them.

Use recycled paper

Newspapers and advertisements are full of Christmas colors and motifs in November and December – yes, Christmas often starts already in October. It is therefore a good opportunity to find advertisement paper that has the right Christmas atmosphere.

To create a cohesive look and give the gifts personality, you can design your own stickers to put on the gifts in the gift calendar. If you order 24 identical stickers, you can write numbers on the stickers by hand. You can also order number stickers to add next to them.

Use toilet paper rolls

If you give mostly small gifts, you can use toilet paper rolls as wrapping. Put the gift inside the empty roll and fold each end together. Now you can close the toilet paper roll by tying a ribbon around it. Make wrapping stickers that you attach to the outside of the rolls. On the stickers, you can write: To “name” from “Santa Claus/mom/dad,” etc. What should be written is entirely up to you. Now you have 24 small cute packages that you can decorate with bead decorations, ribbons, candy canes, hearts, etc., if you want more decoration.

Don’t forget the Christmas stocking

Would you rather not have to wrap 24 gifts (multiply by the number of gift calendars you have to make)? Then you can always skip the wrapping paper and instead put the gift directly into the Christmas stocking. It is more environmentally friendly and also saves you both money and time. Sew or buy a nice Christmas stocking that you can use year after year. It’s so nice to be able to find the same old Christmas stocking.

But: gifts without wrapping work best if you live with the recipient – and remember to put a new gift in the stocking (socks) every day. Unless you can ally with someone else in the household where the gifts will be given.

Other wrapping ideas

If you want to give a poinsettia (i.e., the beautiful red Christmas flower) as a gift, you can wrap the plastic pot in brown paper. On the outside, you can attach the nice stickers for flower bouquets with a loving greeting from you.

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