DIY: Tips for New Year’s Decoration on the New Year’s Table

If you want to decorate your New Year’s table with homemade decorations, read on.

Delicious Decorations

Who says decorations only have to look nice? It’s a win-win when they can also be eaten. Below, we have placed stickers on Merci chocolates with the text “Happy New Year” – and of course, it could also say “Happy New Year 2024” or any other text that suits your New Year’s party. On the stickers for the party page, we have made it easy for you. You just have to choose which kind of chocolate you want to make labels for. Choose between After Eight, Kinder Maxi, small Rittersport, etc. Once you have chosen a template, you can design your stickers. Choose a background, write text, and add a figure if desired. You can also upload a finished design if you have one that you want on your party stickers.

Homemade New Year’s Hats

You can also decorate the table with fun New Year’s hats that you make yourself. You can buy hats at a second-hand store and make festive New Year’s hats by gluing glitter, ears, crazy glasses, or similar onto them. Make iron-on patches with text to put on the hats. You can also make cute miniature hats as a small creative activity before New Year’s Eve. There are several DIY guides online that show how to make your own crackers. You can definitely find inspiration on Pinterest. Most supermarkets sell New Year’s napkins. Instead, make your own wrapping stickers to put on more neutral napkins.

Personalized Drink Glasses

As part of a decorated and festive table, you can make festive drink glasses with names for your guests. Choose plastic or glass glasses that you won’t be upset about if they break. On New Year’s Eve, many drinks are taken outdoors when midnight strikes. And it wouldn’t be the first or last time a glass falls on the tiles.

Put bottle labels on the glasses so it’s easy for your guests to recognize their own glass throughout the evening. It’s even more festive if you make some beautiful stickers. You can use gold or silver foil for an impressive effect when printing pictures or other graphics on this type of foil.

Quiz and Party Games for New Year’s

New Year’s Eve can sometimes feel a bit long while waiting for midnight. It’s a good idea to have some party games and activities to fill the time.

Create cards with tasks that you place under the guests’ plates. These can be tasks that tell each guest what to do, such as washing dishes or finding dessert. They can also be fun tasks, such as standing up and giving a speech, saying funny words, going to the bathroom to change, etc. Customize the tasks for your group. Even though Christmas is over, you can still play gift exchange games. Wrap the gifts nicely with festive to-and-from stickers to put on the gifts.

If you have any great ideas for DIY New Year’s decorations for the table, please share them with us in the comments. Are you familiar with Ikast Etiket’s wide range of labels, woven labels, and name tags for clothing?

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