Homemade Valentine’s gift for him

Give a gift he will love all year round! The internet is filled with Valentine’s gifts for the man in your life. Watches, sneakers, whisky, and electronics can quickly become expensive. So instead, we give you some ideas for a homemade Valentine’s gift that is easy to personalize and customize – not to mention budget-friendly.

A basket with all his favorites

Put together your own basket with your partner’s favorite things and put labels on the different items. For example, a pack of popcorn can be an invitation to a movie night, a pack of painkillers can be a voucher for fast food when he’s hungover, etc.

  • Popcorn: “Movie night with me! The movie is a surprise!”
  • Package of painkillers: “When you’re hungover” (and then you provide fast food)
  • Parchment paper: “The rest of the package is in the freezer”
  • Bottle of wine: “Drink me with two delicious steaks”
  • A bag of your man’s favorite candy: “Eat me on the long drive home to the in-laws”
  • Massage oil: “For your sore back”

Experience gift card for the whole year

Give him gift cards with activities that he can look forward to redeeming throughout the year. Prioritize activities that you can do together. You know best what your man is interested in – and where you are in life. Depending on whether you live with/without children or live separately, there are probably certain things that will be more appreciated than others. But let yourself be inspired and create a unique gift.

Find a jam jar and remove the label. Make your own bottle labels and place them on the outside of the jar. Fold and place 12 notes inside the jar. Optionally write months on some of them.

Ideas for notes with experiences:

  • Ice cream on a hot summer day
  • Beach trip
  • A walk with a (homemade) take-out coffee
  • Homemade dinner with his favorite dish (including doing the dishes)
  • Luxury-packed lunch – make an extra delicious packed lunch for him to take to work
  • Sleep as long as you want (especially great if you have children)
  • Home cinema with lots of popcorn
  • Homemade brunch
  • Wash and iron his shirts (maybe not so fun if you always do it anyway)
  • An ice-skating trip
  • Picnic with lunch
  • A trip to the climbing wall
  • A trip to the stadium to watch his football team play
  • A game of billiards – maybe with good friends
  • A trip to the swimming pool together
  • Winter bathing together – followed by a sauna
  • Gamer day (without interruptions from you, the dog, and the kids)

Create a personalized T-shirt

Do you and your man have a phrase or statement that says something about your relationship? Or do you not take yourselves too seriously and like to have fun and laugh together? Then a T-shirt with a statement can be the perfect gift. You can also create matching T-shirts. At Ikast Etikett, it’s easy to design your own iron-on labels. They are delivered within 2-4 days, and then you just have to iron them onto a T-shirt.

Wrap the gift nicely

No matter what gift you give, wrap it nicely! Create your own customized gift tags or use our lovely templates to create some nice packaging stickers.

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