Name tags for seniors – mark what you don’t want to lose

You may think that name tags in clothes are for children. There is no reason for that. Many seniors and elderly people choose to put names on clothes and personal belongings to take care of them.

It is easy to put names on both clothes and other things. There are several alternatives to the traditional name tags when you want to mark clothes and things.

It’s so easy to put names on clothes and belongings!

Name tags – stickers with names for clothes. Put the name tag on the label or washing instructions in the clothes you want to mark. You can also use name tags on, for example, water bottles or iPads. Wash clothes and items with name tags in the washing machine or dishwasher. Buy name tags here.

Iron-on labels Iron-on labels are extremely durable name tags, but it takes time to iron them on the clothes. Buy iron-on labels here.

Order online at Ikast Etikett. Here you write the name that should be on the name tag, and optionally room number or phone number. You pay with a credit card or Vipps. We start the production of your name tags when you have approved them. As soon as your order is ready, we will send it and withdraw the money.

If you find it difficult, call us at 239 60 966.

Put a name on what you bring with you

It is a shame to lose a sweater or reading glasses when you have been to billiards, card club, the gym, or the day center. With your name on your things, it will be much easier to return the sweater or reading glasses to you if you forget them.

Use name tags:

  • On the glasses case
  • On the mobile phone
  • On towels, hairbrush, soap, bag, toiletry bag, and other items you bring to the swimming pool or gym
  • On books (both if you lend them to others or bring your books on a trip)
  • In clothes – especially clothes you take off elsewhere. For example, sweaters, cardigans, jackets, gloves, or hats.
  • iPad
  • The bag with knitting
  • Your chargers
  • Pill box, lip balm, nasal spray

You can also get small stickers with space for name and address, which you can put on your belongings.

Names in clothes are indispensable in a nursing home

Have you or someone you love reached the point in life where the next home is a nursing home? Then you can’t avoid putting names in the clothes. Many places require names on belongings. It helps the staff to place things in the right place after washing – and if you or your close relative forgets their things in the common area.

Our experience is that most nursing homes wash clothes at high temperatures. Therefore, it may be wise to choose name labels that can be ironed onto the clothes. Our iron-on labels can withstand washing at both 60 and 90 degrees. If you don’t want to iron names onto all your clothes, you can use iron-on labels in underpants, undershirts, and socks. For the rest of the clothes, you can use name tags.

In some nursing homes, the room number should be on the clothes. It’s entirely up to you what should be on the name labels when you order.

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