How to create iron-on labels?

You can order your iron-on labels online at Ikast Etikett. On our website, you have many options to design the iron-on labels to your liking.

Depending on how customized you want your iron-on labels to be, you can choose between our different “designers”. We have two different designers. If you choose the standard designer, you get the iron-on label in a predefined size, e.g. 30 x 10 mm which is our standard iron-on label size.

  • Write your own text.
  • Choose from many different fonts and colors.
  • Select one of our many shapes or upload your own shape.
  • Choose a background color or pattern for the iron-on label.
  • Upload your own design.

If you want to use our standard designer but change the shape from rectangular to oval, you can do that. You can also resize the iron-on labels, but the maximum size you can order here is 100 x 100 mm.

If you want the possibility to design the iron-on labels down to the smallest detail, you need to use our advanced designer. Here, you can order iron-on labels up to 210 x 210 mm. You can also create contour cut iron-on labels.

Once you have designed the iron-on labels, you add them to the shopping cart. Then you enter your address and payment information.

Once we have received your order, we print the iron-on labels on the special ironable film and send them to you in the mail.

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