How to remove labels?

We often get questions about how to remove labels. In this blog post, we will give you tips on how to remove labels from glass and bottles.

How to remove labels from glass?

When you want to remove labels from glass, you can try to loosen the label with a fingernail, and then peel the label off the glass or bottle. If that doesn’t work, you can use a glass scraper.

Before ordering labels to put on glass, you should consider what type of label to choose. Our bottle labels have a matte surface and a different type of adhesive than our vinyl stickers. If you choose the bottle labels, you get labels that are easy to remove when the bottle or glass is empty.

How to remove labels from glassware?

Labels are often placed on new glasses at the bottom with a barcode or price from the store. It can be quite annoying as a consumer to have bought brand new glasses and then struggle to remove the remnants of an ugly label. Always remove the labels before putting the glasses in the dishwasher. Label remnants leave paper and lint in the machine, which can stick to other things – and this is something we want to avoid. See if you can remove the barcode with your fingers. Alternatively, you can soak the glass overnight and then remove the remnants.

Many beer and wine glasses often have a small sticker with the designer’s name. If you leave the small labels on the glasses, you risk that the adhesive from the stickers will harden over time and leave ugly marks on the glasses. Therefore, remove the small labels immediately to avoid ugly marks on the beautiful new glasses.

How to remove labels from wine bottles?

If you want to remove labels from wine bottles, beer bottles, or jam jars to use the glass and bottles for other contents, simply remove the labels. The best way is to soak the bottles overnight. Alternatively, you can add baking soda to help the process along. When the bottle has soaked overnight, you can either peel off the label or rub off the remaining residue, for example with a scouring sponge. If some of the residues are difficult to remove, you can use a glass scraper to remove the adhesive. Once you have removed the original label, it will be easy to attach your own bottle labels to the glass or bottle.

How to remove labels from bottles?

If you have bottles other than glass bottles that you want to remove labels from, you need to be aware of the material and how it should be treated. Plastic can easily scratch if you rub on it or use a glass scraper. If there are adhesive residues on a plastic bottle, you can remove them by using household vinegar.

There are many household tips with different solutions for removing labels. Some household tips involve chemicals (lighter fluid, paraffin, etc.). This is especially true if the labels are attached with non-water-soluble adhesive. There is even a product called “Label Remover,” but this is not something we have tested ourselves.

How to remove labels from Ikast Etikett?

The labels and stickers you buy from Ikast Etikett are often made of a very strong vinyl quality, and the stickers themselves will therefore not dissolve by soaking them in water overnight. In fact, most stickers from Ikast Etikett can easily handle daily rounds in the dishwasher. The labels are also resistant to oil. If you want to remove a sticker from Ikast Etikett, you must therefore try to loosen the sticker from the surface. Then you can remove any adhesive residue. Adhesive residue occurs especially if the sticker has been attached for a long time. If you have applied a sticker incorrectly, you can often remove it immediately and reapply it correctly without any problems.

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