Name tags best in test

It would be easy to write that name tags best in test are the ones from Label Yourself. But would you find that credible on our own blog? No, you probably wouldn’t…

Therefore, we prefer to give you some suggestions on where you can read other customers’ experiences with Label Yourself and our name tags.

At the same time, we want to assure you that you are always welcome to contact us if you are not satisfied with the quality of what you purchase from Label Yourself. We have a satisfaction guarantee. If there is something you are not completely satisfied with, just contact us.

Read reviews on Trustpilot, Google, or Facebook

You can read reviews of Label Yourself in several places online. On Trustpilot, we have more than 1200 reviews. Here, you will find many customers’ experiences with shopping at Label Yourself. We have a very good score on Trustpilot – 4.9 out of 5 – which means that customers are very satisfied with our products and customer service. Recently, Trustpilot has started to work intensively on verifying the reviews. This means that a “verified customer” is a real customer who has bought a product or service from the respective company.

We have also started to receive more and more reviews through Google and Facebook. The customer satisfaction is at the same high level as on Trustpilot.

It is no secret that we actively invite our customers to write a review, but we do not offer any incentives or tempt with gifts or competitions. It is entirely up to the customer whether he or she wants to share their experience with other customers.

Precisely because there is a large amount of reviews on the mentioned platforms, we ourselves think it is a very good place to go when you want to read about product quality and customer service. On blog posts or test pages, you may be able to read longer posts, but often it is only one person who has written it.

The name labels from Label Yourself are tested according to EN 71-3

At Label Yourself, we have had our name labels tested by ForbrugerLaboratoriet, which is a privately owned impartial laboratory in Denmark. Forbrugerlaboratoriet tests and gives advice on children’s products, such as toys and children’s clothing – and other things for children, like our name labels. Here, the name labels have undergone various tests to investigate whether the labels release harmful substances in close contact with the skin or when a child, for example, puts a name tag in their mouth and sucks on it. Neither our name labels nor stickers emit harmful substances – thus meeting the requirements of EN 71-3.

What characterizes name labels from Label Yourself?

At Label Yourself, we strive to deliver a product that you as a consumer will appreciate using. We work every day to make it easy for you to order name tags online.

At the same time, we have prioritized that you as a customer can freely design your name labels, both in terms of layout and size. If you find our name labels too small or too large, you can easily adjust the size according to your preferences.

At Label Yourself, it is also possible to upload your own image on the name labels. We can offer this because we use a high-quality printer and can print fine details on the small labels.

Our name labels are printed with an ink type that does not contain harmful substances. Unfortunately, this means that the text on the name labels can wear off when in contact with greasy creams, such as sunscreen. But for us, the use of ink and printing methods without harmful substances is an active choice we have made. We are working on a solution, but we do not want to compromise and risk harmful substances in the ink.

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