How to remove stickers from a car?

If you have one or more stickers on your car that you want to remove, or if there are residues from sticker adhesive, it is important to consider the material you are removing the sticker from. The process differs depending on whether you are removing a sticker from glass, interior surfaces, or a painted surface.

Removing stickers from car windows:

If you can grasp the sticker and peel it off, that is the best method. If not, you can try the following:

Glass scraper: A glass scraper is a great tool for removing adhesive and other dirt from glass. The sharp blade gently removes the adhesive from the sticker without scratching the glass. Glass scrapers are available at most cleaning supply stores or hardware stores.

If there are stubborn adhesive residues, you can try removing them with cooking oil, such as rapeseed oil. If that doesn’t work, you can use lamp oil. Be careful not to spill oil, as it can cause stains.

Removing stickers from metal:

Do not use a glass scraper on metal surfaces! Try using a hairdryer instead. Start with the cool air setting and gradually increase the heat if necessary. Pay attention to whether the metal can handle the heat.

Hold the hairdryer close to the sticker and direct the heat towards the sticker until the adhesive becomes warm. Then, you can remove the sticker with your fingers.

On painted surfaces, consider seeking help from a professional who can remove the sticker without causing any scratches on the paint.

Please note that the above methods are always at your own risk. Test them out in a less visible area first.

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