How to remove stickers?

When applying a sticker to a surface, you want it to stick well and be durable. Until the day when you no longer want the sticker there. Then you want to remove the sticker without any visible traces of adhesive residue or sticker.

It may be necessary to try different methods when removing stickers. The strength with which the sticker is attached depends on the sticker, the material it is attached to, and how long it has been applied.

If you already know before purchasing the stickers that they need to be easily removable, we recommend taking a look at our name labels or paper stickers.

How to remove stickers from metal

You should not use a glass scraper when removing stickers from metal. Instead, try using a hair dryer. Start with the cold air function and gradually increase the heat if the sticker does not come off.

Hold the hair dryer close to the sticker and blow the warm air onto the sticker until the adhesive warms up. Then you can remove the sticker with your fingers. Be aware of whether the metal can withstand the heat from the hair dryer. You can also try this method on glass, but avoid using the hair dryer if the sticker is on plastic, as the plastic may become soft and lose its shape.

The above methods are used at your own risk. Always proceed with caution and test the procedure before trying it on the spot where you want to remove the sticker.

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