Labeling of clothes in daycare

It’s a big day when your child starts daycare. For some parents, it’s difficult to let go, while others are happy to have some time to themselves again. Both feelings are completely normal. Regardless of how you feel, there are a number of practical tasks that come with your child starting daycare. Often, clothes and supplies need to be bought.

However, one thing is certain. You need to make sure to label your child’s belongings. With name labels, it’s easy to label everything from clothes, slippers, pacifiers, bottles, snowsuits, stuffed animals, hats, mittens, blankets, shoes, boots, etc. Name labels from Ikast Etikett are small stickers that can be stuck onto a label in the garment. The name labels are made of a soft and flexible material that doesn’t itch if the label is against the child’s skin.

We think the size of the name labels is perfect. The labels fit on most things. You can use them on clothes, lunch boxes, water bottles. The name label measures 30 x 13 mm. We also offer mini labels of the same quality as the name labels. The mini labels measure 16x6mm.

If you want to label lunch boxes and water bottles, you can supplement the name labels with small stickers from Ikast Etikett. The stickers are laminated and therefore more durable. Over time, it’s inevitable that the name labels will fade. This can be avoided by using stickers on lunch boxes and water bottles. Both the stickers and name labels can withstand many washes in the dishwasher.

Why is it smart to label your child’s clothes?

In daycare, there are many children. Many wear the same clothing size, and parents often buy clothes from the same places. It’s not unlikely for your child to regularly wear clothes that are the same or similar to other children’s. While children are young, it’s the adults in daycare who have to keep track of snowsuits, mittens, hats, caps, t-shirts, and spare clothes – and we promise that they are happy when there’s a name in the children’s clothes.

The best thing is to label the clothes well in advance before your child starts, so you don’t have to stress about it the day before.

Why should I attach the name labels to labels?

We always recommend attaching the name labels to a label, tag, or care instructions in the clothes. That’s because we know that when the name labels are attached to a tag, they rarely fall off. If you attach the name label directly to the fabric, it can quickly come loose when the clothes are worn and washed. Clothes give in and follow the child’s movements, which can easily cause the name label to come off.

Get free posters for daycare

If you work in daycare and want more parents to label their clothes, we often hear from preschool teachers that it’s a big challenge that parents don’t remember to label their clothes, despite many reminders. But the preschool teachers tell us that it helps if they have brochures or posters they can show the parents.

At Ikast Etikett, you can order posters or download posters to print yourself. You can find our posters here.

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