Labeling of clothes in nursing homes

If you find yourself in the situation where one of your loved ones has to move to a nursing home, there can be a lot of emotions and practical things to deal with. Many nursing homes want residents to have their names on their clothes, so it’s easy to find the rightful owner if a sweater is left behind in common areas or when clothes need to be washed. With names on clothes, you can also help your loved one if they no longer remember well but can still read and recognize their belongings if they are labeled with names.

This article helps you choose the right name tags for nursing home residents.

Iron-on labels

Iron-on labels are highly practical for use in nursing homes because they withstand washing at high temperatures. It’s nice to know that the labels stay securely attached when someone else washes the clothes. If you need name labels for socks and underwear, we recommend using iron-on labels. The iron-on labels also work well for bedding, duvets, and similar items that are also washed in a communal laundry. Of course, it takes time to iron-on labels on an entire wardrobe, but once you get started, it goes quickly.

Name tapes

If you prefer a more traditional solution, name tapes are a very good alternative. Name tapes are sewn onto the clothes and have the same quality as labels that are in store-bought clothes. If they are sewn on securely, there is no risk of the name tapes falling off. You can safely wash clothes with name tapes at high temperatures. The disadvantage of name tapes is that it can take a long time to sew them onto an entire wardrobe.

Name labels

The most popular type of name labels are our name tags. Name labels are widely used in families with children because they are very easy and quick to attach to clothes. Name labels are like stickers. You simply stick them onto a name tag in the garment. Name labels are best suited for clothes that are washed at 30 degrees.

Name labels are also suitable for walking sticks, eyeglass cases, books, cell phones, emergency alarms, slippers, crossword puzzles, magnifying glasses, and other belongings that the elderly person takes around the nursing home.

Name stickers

If you want a regular sticker with a more durable film than name labels, you will also find a wide range of stickers at Ikast Etikett, which are very useful in nursing homes. The stickers can withstand being washed in a dishwasher, so you can easily put them on cups, plates, water bottles, or other personal items that you don’t want to share with others.

TIP: When ordering from Ikast Etikett, you can choose whether to write names, phone numbers, room numbers, or something else on the name labels. However, if you’re unsure what is best, ask at the nursing home.

Do you work in a nursing home?

You can download posters for your nursing home for free or order posters to help residents put their names in their clothes.

If you have any questions about labeling clothes in nursing homes or ordering name labels for nursing homes, feel free to contact us by email at info@labelyourself.co.uk or call our Norwegian phone number: 239 60 966.

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