Labeling of clothes in school

Help the teachers and educators: label your children’s clothes! The teachers at school have a lot to do every day. If they can avoid having to help “Oskar” look for his green hat and black mittens, they surely have other things they can spend their time on. With a little effort, you as a parent can make it much easier for both the adults at school and your own child to find their things. You also save yourself a lot of irritation over having to buy new things when your child misplaces theirs. When clothes are labeled with names, the likelihood of lost items reappearing is much higher than for items without names.

At Label Yourself, we have a wide range of different labeling products. Our most popular solution is name labels. These are stickers designed to be attached to clothes.

Name labels

Show your child how to attach the name label to a label or care instruction tag. When you attach the name label to a label inside the garment, it’s easy to find the name label in both sweaters and pants. In addition, the name label also stays on much better when attached to a label instead of directly to the fabric. Use name labels on shoes, bike helmets, lunch boxes, and water bottles.

Iron-on labels

If you have taken a look in the school’s lost and found box, you have definitely seen both underwear and socks. One might wonder why the children have taken them off in the first place. Maybe it’s in connection with gym class if the clothes have gotten wet or it has been too hot. Therefore, it’s also beneficial to remember the names on socks and underwear. Here, we would recommend using sew-on labels. Sew-on labels are easy to iron on with an iron. Remember to place parchment paper between the iron and the sew-on label. Instructions are always included when you order iron-on labels from Label Yourself.

Also remember names on everything else

When your child starts school, it’s not just clothes and shoes that need to be labeled. In addition to the backpack, your child probably also has a bag for gym clothes and a pencil case with pencils and colors. Many children also have various electronics that are not cheap. You can easily use name labels when you want to put names on backpacks and electronics. But you can also choose to supplement with stickers. Unlike name labels, our stickers are laminated with a durable vinyl surface. This makes the stickers very durable and long-lasting.

Stickers in various sizes

At Ikast Etikett, we have stickers in various sizes. If you can’t find a size that fits your needs, you can design your own stickers and define the size and shape. For pencils, markers, and other items in the pencil case, we recommend “mini stickers” or our stickers in 35 x 6 mm. The mini stickers have the same quality as the name labels, while the small stickers have a solid vinyl lamination. For electronics, bike helmets, and other equipment, you can use our address stickers.

Stickers with vinyl lamination can be beneficial for items that are used frequently. For example, a smartwatch or a smartphone.

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