Organizing Tools

Tools can easily take up a lot of space and create clutter. But if you organize your tools correctly, it will always be easy to find what you need and avoid mess.

If you already have a good collection of tools, it might be time to go through it. Get rid of anything that is broken or outdated. If you have both a full and half-inch ruler, it might be time to get rid of the half-inch one.

It is often handy to have a screwdriver, hammer, or ruler readily available at home. For example, we often use a screwdriver in our kitchen when our kids need to replace batteries in their toys. That is why we have a screwdriver in our kitchen for this purpose.

The advantage of having the screwdriver in a designated spot in the kitchen is that it is easy to put it away. Previously, it would often be left out after use, “waiting” to be put back in its place.

Give Tools a Designated Spot

When organizing your tools, it is important to give each part a designated spot. If you are storing them on a shelf, label each shelf with a sticker to indicate what belongs there.

Many tools require power and batteries need to be charged. Make it easy for yourself by creating fixed “charging stations.” This way, you avoid having chargers and batteries scattered around the house, garage, or shed.

While some people work based on their workshop, others prefer to have a toolbox that they can easily take with them wherever they need the tools. Choose the solution that suits you best.

Name or Logo on the Tools

Both craftsmen and individuals can benefit from labeling tools with names or logos.

With stickers, it is very easy to label your tools. At Ikast Etikett, you can order stickers in various sizes and colors. You can easily upload a logo or enter a name or other text. Some of our customers choose to write their phone number, for example. But it is entirely up to you what you want to write on the stickers.

In the picture below, the craftsman has chosen a transparent sticker. It is a very good solution that provides a relatively neutral labeling.

Advantages of Stickers on Tools

  • It is a cheap solution, and it is easy to attach stickers to the tools.
  • You haven’t permanently labeled the tools, so their value is not diminished in case you want to sell them later.
  • Craftsmen from different companies often work together on the same project. When the tools are labeled, there is never any doubt about who owns each specific tool.

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