Make your own Halloween goody bags

The American Halloween tradition is becoming more and more popular in Norway every year. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming to get ready for Halloween. Remember to put out a pumpkin with a lit candle to show the children that you welcome visitors.

Having a bowl of mixed candies that children and adults take turns sticking their hands into is not very appealing, if you ask me. Especially not if all the children in the neighborhood come “trick or treating” or if you have invited a whole bunch of children to a Halloween party.

But it is neither expensive nor difficult to make small goody bags for Halloween that are easy for children to grab. In fact, it can be quite cozy to prepare, and the children will love the small goody bags.

How to make your own goody bags:

  • Buy lots of candy
  • Buy small empty bags meant for food
  • Create fun stickers with a Halloween theme

Mix the candy in a large bowl or make small bags with only 1-2 types of candy in them, so that the children can choose a bag with their favorite candy.

Distribute the candy in the bags by weighing it, so that the bags are the same size. You can use a spoon to scoop up the candy.

Create fun stickers for the goody bags

When creating stickers to put on the goody bags, you can come up with creepy or spooky Halloween names for the goody bags. Here are some examples:

  • Pumpkin Poop, for example, orange candy balls.
  • Skeleton Bones, for example, chalk.
  • Ghost Poo, for example, chocolate.
  • Monster Eyes, for example, blue or green candy balls.
  • Burnt Bones, for example, licorice.
  • Dead Bats, for example, vampire gummy candies.
  • Coagulated Zombie Blood, for example, red candy balls.
  • Frankenstein’s Veins, for example, red and brown licorice strings.

If you want it to be even more spectacular, there is plenty of Halloween candy available online that looks extra creepy. But if you want to keep it simple, you can use the above suggestions – then you’ll also have candy you know you like.

With lovely stickers, it’s easy to give the goody bag a nice finishing touch and create monster fingers, living worms, ghost poops, and witch’s warts. On the Danish website, you can download great templates and then order the stickers from

Funny candy rolls

The cute candy rolls are a fun alternative to the more common goody bags, and they are easy to make. Here, Line has used iron-on labels, fabric, string, and empty toilet paper rolls – and voila, you have monster rolls for the children.

Gross drinks

For the children’s amusement, Line has transformed soda into repulsive Halloween drinks with great stickers.

With the great bottle labels, Line has turned red and green soda into witch’s brew and vampire drinks. You can find templates for these two bottle labels on her blog. To order them, just upload the design on

Find more great ready-to-download Halloween labels.

Create your own invitations to the Halloween party

In the picture above, we have created a simple sticker that is attached to a bag of candy, as an easy invitation to the Halloween party.

Get inspired by more creative Halloween ideas with labels, stickers, and name labels at

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