Help your child get started: tips for starting school

Pack the bag and the pencil case

Maybe a new backpack is needed for the start of school. If not, you can give the old one a good cleaning, put a new name tag on it, and make sure the contents of the pencil case are in good condition.

Remember to put a name on:

  • Clothes, outerwear, and footwear. It’s a good idea to use name tags. It’s a small universal sticker from Ikast Etikett that works well on clothes, but you can also attach them to books, toys, and lunch boxes.
  • Colored pencils, markers, and other contents of the pencil case can be expensive, so remember to label them with names. You can use name tags.
  • Books and notebooks.

Also remember to put name tags on scooters, bikes, helmets, and change of clothes. We always recommend attaching name tags on name labels inside clothes, so they don’t fall off when the clothes are in use. Alternatively, you can use iron-on labels, which you can directly iron onto the garment.

Get bedtime routines under control and practice waking up in the morning

Nothing is better than long summer evenings without a bedtime and mornings without an alarm clock. But at some point, everyday life returns, and the alarm clock needs to be set. To make it less difficult for children to wake up in the morning, it’s a good idea to establish a daily rhythm before school starts.

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Who will the child walk to school with

When your child starts school for the first time or moves up a grade, there are often new friends. There is probably a class list on the school’s communication platform where you can see who your child will be in class with. It can give the child a sense of security to know who they will meet when the summer vacation is over. Maybe you can arrange a playdate with one or more classmates before the vacation is over?

New subjects?

Maybe your child is starting school for the first time. Or have they been in school for several years? Regardless of the situation, it’s a good idea to talk to your child about the new subjects they will have and what each subject is about. Remember to set aside your own experiences and opinions. So even if you weren’t a fan of physics and chemistry in elementary school, put that aside and let the child be curious about the new subjects. There’s a good chance that a lot has changed since you were in school.

By Bich Tran: https://www.pexels.com/da-dk/foto/notesbog-skrive-skole-datoer-913116/

What should be in the lunchbox?

Some parents love making packed lunches, while others could do without it. But now it’s time for wholemeal sandwiches with salami or liver pate again. But to avoid having the same filling every day, you can ask the children for their preferences for packed lunches throughout the autumn. Make a list of their preferences so you have something to start with when everyday life begins and inspiration is lacking. Remember to put names on lunch boxes and water bottles. You can create large adhesive stickers with your own design and text, which can also be washed in the dishwasher.

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