Name labels for toys

Many children like to bring toys with them when they go on trips. It gives them a good opportunity to play, both alone and with other children they meet on the trip. But it is also easy to forget or overlook a toy when you are going home again. With name labels, you help your child always recognize their toys.

“Bring it” day – what should you bring?

In many daycare centers and schools, children are only allowed to bring a few toys, and in some places only on special days. In other places, children are allowed to bring their own toys every day. Regardless of the rules in your child’s daycare center or school, it is always a good idea to label the toys with your child’s name when they bring them.

Many children want to show off their new toys to their friends. But before you pack that brand new toy, you should consider the following:

  • If many children want to play with the new toy, it can be difficult for your child.
  • There is a greater risk of the toy being damaged by other children who don’t have the same reason to take care of the toy as your own child.
  • New toys can cause envy among other children. This doesn’t mean that your child shouldn’t bring their toys, but you might want to talk about the feelings (and actions) it can provoke in other children.

How to put name labels on toys

Make sure to find a smooth surface on the toy. It’s a good idea to wipe the toy with a damp cloth before attaching the name label. Peel the name label off the sheet. Now you can attach the name label to the toy.

Advantages of name labels on toys:

  • It’s easy for teachers and other adults to help your child put the toys in the right bag.
  • Siblings who have similar toys can easily see which toy is theirs.
  • It’s easy to remove the name label when the toy is to be passed on.
  • You avoid toys being mixed up.
  • It’s easy to see that the toy belongs to your child if it is left behind at a friend’s house.
  • If you lose the toys at a library, a restaurant, or in an amusement park, it is easy for others to contact you.
  • There is no doubt about who the toy belongs to.
  • Durable name labels.

The classic name labels from Ikast Etikett are soft stickers. The name labels are not laminated because they are meant to be used on clothing. The name labels are a very good all-round option, but sometimes you might need something more durable. For example, for roller skates, skateboards, bikes, and outdoor equipment where both use and weather can wear out the traditional name labels. In that case, we recommend our stickers.

Label the teddy bear and the comfort blanket

The thought of losing the teddy bear or the comfort blanket is a great fear for some parents, comparable to a teenager’s fear of running out of battery on their smartphone. Even identical backup teddy bears are rejected by the child, who can smell and feel that this is not the right one. And of course, the comfort blanket must be with the child wherever they go. This increases the risk of losing it. But with a name and phone number, there is fortunately a great chance that the lost friend will find its way home. If you don’t have a tag to attach the name label to, you can use an iron-on label to label the indispensable teddy bear or comfort blanket.

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